Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holy Moly...

It's been way too long. My laptop is still MIA with the Husb. He said his tech looked at it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. What the heck? Of course, I guess the last several weeks I could have been blogging and ready blogs from this handy desktop. Just isn't as fun. Don't know why!

Our new floors have been put in! Woo Freaking Hoo! Of course is anything easy? Nope! The tile dude thinks the master shower is leaking. The plumbers from the insurance company didn't find anything. Insurance guy comes on Monday, I'm sure he'll tell us to take a coverage. It would be nice, but we are still replacing the lovely baby blue shower. Speaking of baby blue, the baby blue toilet has gone to toilet heaven. My only request to the tile dude was to put it in the box of the new toilet. I really didn't want my neighbors seeing it. Yes, I'm so vain. What does he do? Sets it right in the middle of the yard so all the neighbors leaving for work and school can drive by and stare. The little boy across the street said, "I saw your potty in the yard". Thanks dude.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Awww February!

Yeah, February is here. Hurray! I think I hate January. My blogging days have come to a dramatic stop due to the demise of my shitty laptop. I'm on the house PC...but just isn't the same. Hate it. Maybe that's why January seemed so depressing. I'm missing checking in with all my favorite blogs. Hopefully soon I'll be back on track and right again. I'll also blame it on this baby of mine. Holy crap, after 4 1/2 years I totally forgot about this crawling and pulling up stuff. Oh, and the pulling up and then falling over banging your chin on the coffee table and then your head on the tile floor. That part too.

Good news, we are finally getting new floors put it. I've already started ripping up the cat pee carpet. Damn cats. Well, at least I get new floors out of it. I hope to catch up soon. I finally made it to 31 followers and then I ditched. So not cool, I know. Please forgive. Soon as the pain of the floor cost recedes, I'll hopefully be getting a handy little netbook. Then I'll be back it business! Happy February!