Monday, August 31, 2009

Zoo Landers!

T next to his Favorite!

Mr. T & Poppy!

Sounds like a movie huh? No, yesterday we got invited by some friends to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Due to it being the end of the month, the Husb had to do billing so he missed out. The friends we went with have two girls, 4 1/2 & 7. So happy to see that mine isn't the only 4+ that can't seem to hear. It warms my heart to hear other parents repeat, repeat, repeat! It wasn't just our was happening all over the zoo.

Mr. T had an awesome time. He was turbo excited. Cute and annoying at the same time. If I heard, "lets go see the penguins" once, I heard it a thousand times. Seriously....a thousand times. After lunch we finally saw the penguins. They smell like pee and when one pooped, it shot across the cage. So not Penguins of Madagascar cartoon. Five minutes after leaving the penguins, guess what Mr. T said? "Let's go see the penguins again". Lord help me.

I'll have to say, the Ft. Worth Zoo rocks. If I'd been invited to the Dallas Zoo, I would have declined. A friend once reminded me that the elephants there had been in the same small concrete pen since we were kids. (It's been a long long time since I was a kid!) Until that is fixed, which I think is being worked on, I won't be back. Reminds me of a circus. Won't go there either. The one thing I didn't like at the Ft. Worth Zoo is when I ordered chicken nuggets (the adult kind) that they were shaped like dinosaur feet or maybe it was bird feet. Weird and not very tasty.

Overall we had a great day. Poppy seemed to enjoy himself and his new stroller. The kids liked it , and best of all, we didn't stay too long. I think us parents got parenting points and had a good time. And for the record, my favorite animal is this really skinny deer looking thing. I think it was called a Kudu. Mr. T's favorite? You guessed it.....the penguins!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You know your a redneck if....

You know your a redneck if ya go to a funeral and then change into yur Nascar t-shirt and go to a Trailer Trash party. Yes, that's basically what my sista and me are gonna do tonight. Actually the neighbor we had growing up pasted away and tonight the family is having a visitation. After going to that, we're going to swing by the house and change into our fanciest Nascar clothes and mini skirts. Is that sad or just plain trashy? Hey, at least we're not wearing the Nascar gear to the visitation. This is my cousins Third Annual Trailer Trash party. It will be my first time attending though. Somehow something was always scheduled the last two years. I'm bring my favorite boxed wine, Chester Cheetos Hot Fries and a few packs of Spam to Go. Bet you didn't know Spam was individually packed like those pockets of tuna. I swear I didn't either til today...really. I did read sometime this week that because of the economy, Spam sales have increased by like 30%. Damn, that's pretty sad. I'll have to say, I've never eaten Spam. I did love the occasional Deviled Ham sandwich when I was pregnant. Thinking about it now makes me say, "Eewww". I just might fit in quite well at this party as I love a good fried pork rind. Especially the Spicy Pork Rinds. Yummy! Well, I'm off to find my favorite blue eye shadow and nicest hoop earrings. I'll try to remember to bring the camera, the pictures should be interesting. Yes, we're leaving the Husbands behind. Poor guys don't know what they're miss'in! Nothin' hotter than a chick with Fungon breath.

I just wanted to add...please take no offense if you or family members live in a trailer. There is nothing wrong with it. The double wides are actually very nice. I have a cousin in Muskogee Oklahoma that sales manufactured homes if your in the market for one. Really.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kids Do The Darndest Things

I know darndest isn't really a word. But it fits! I often wonder if I jacked up the house when I was a kid like Mr. T does. I'm so glad I like his name, since I say it no less than 100 times a day. A bunch of those times is in a scream. I've told the kid over and over not to take the duvet and sheets off my bed. What does he do you ask? Peel the sheets off the bed. Nothing makes my head spin like having to make the bed before going to bed. Well....picking all the sofa cushions off the floor is a close second. We let him watch TV in our room so I guess he feels like he can make himself at home. I really need to become more attentive!

Monday was the first day of school for most kids in this area. I just want to take a second to make fun of my Sister. Sorry Sis! She has three kids. She spaced them out so perfectly that for the next 2 years she has three kids at three different schools. I find this wildly funny. Sorry again Sis. I think my head spins around but hers spins off and flies around the room. I always have great advice on how to raise her kids. But really...what the hell do I know? I have four year old that basically does what I want (he is just a little scared of me!) and the other one doesn't talk.

Today T told me that he was taking a "beauty nap". I suppose he means he needs some beauty rest...but damn it made me laugh out loud. I also find it wildly hilarious that he pulls his pants down and walks thru the living room on his way to the bathroom. He's got a cute little white butt. I really need to get that on video for blackmailing in the teenage years.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

How do baby's get their feet dirty?

I love Sonic Vanilla Coke. I don't even want to know how many calories are in a large. I've cut back, I swear.

Who gets to pick the toys that go in kids meals? Can I have that job? McDonald's are the best, even though we hardly ever go there. (Thank God)

I have training in September for the new airplanes Delta is getting thru the Northwest merge. I wonder if I can make an 85 on all the test. I feel stupid after having these two kids and may actually have to study. Sure would be embarrassing to have to retake one.

My four year old says he doesn't love his baby brother & I have it on video. He's now in the baby's room playing with him. Hummm!

There are these guys that live a street over. They started landscaping their yard a month or so ago. I call it "The Less is More" house. I think they have used no less than 2 pallets of paving stones to build retaining walls, which are not needed. They recently added a metal arbor that goes over the side walk. Now they are digging a waist deep hole by the front of the house. There is a metal bridge sitting nearby. I think they are going for The Ugly Ass Yard of the Month award. They are well on their way. Boys...please stop!!!! Less really is more! I gotta get a picture to post. It's unbelievable.

I really like wine and am glad I'm not an alcoholic cause I like wine so much. (Don't have an addiction problem...that might help!)

I actually don't mind watching a little Spongebob now and then.

We went to the lake last Wednesday-Sunday. If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that my cats get pissy when we're gone. Literally. Last night while having dinner I could swear I smelled pee. I have been know to have a Bionic nose. I ask the Husb if he thinks the napkins smell like pee. He says no...but he can't smell worth a damn. I get up and get another napkin. (Pee-less napkin) Hate to tell ya Husb, always always trust my nose. A cat pissed on the napkin holder. Lovely.

I'm addicted to reality TV shows. (I lied about the addiction thing.) I long for the days when Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race and Survivor start. I actually check a Big Brother Spoiler site more than once a day and have called a friend to asked what happened while we were outta town. One of my favorite things to do is eat something really fattening while watching Biggest Loser and eat crab legs while watching Deadliest Catch.

Sometimes my baby snores and he sounds like a tiny version of his Daddy.

I love caller ID and don't know if I could live without it. Can you believe some people actually answer the phone and don't know who it is first.

I feel old sometimes when I think of the things we had as kids. (I'll let ya in on a secret, I'll be 40 in November...a young 40!) I remember Eight Track Players, cell phones that came in a big case, Atari that came with Pac Man, Frogger & Space Invaders. No caller ID! Not having to wear a seat belt and sitting in the front seat as a kid. Riding in the back of my Paw Paw's truck on the highway. Bet ya can't do that now! Parachute pants...not the kind my niece thinks I'm talking about. Sun-In, Members Only jackets, ribbon belts, Twist-a-Beads, and jelly shoes. Some of these things I've seen recently. Wow.

It's funny how my mind goes on and on and on! I guess I should go now and see what is broken in my bedroom. The kid has been unattended for entirely too long.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Mommy! ;)

Some would say that rejoicing in the fact that your child is going back to school makes you a bad Mommy. I beg to disagree. Today we went to meet T's preschool teachers. School starts Wednesday. I'm more excited than the kid. Three teachers this year. Guess that means three teacher gifts whenever teacher gifts are called for. Lovely. Before having Poppy, I assumed I'd go back to flying starting in July, so I registered the kid for 5 days a week thinking it would make childcare easier and I wouldn't have to fly every weekend. My social life gets in the way of working ya know. (Wink...wink!) Once I was granted the year leave, I started feeling guilty. Does he REALLY need to be in preschool 5 days a week? If he is, it's only 9-12. Do you have any idea how fast those three hours fly by? Drop the kid off, do a few things and then it's "Oh, crap...gotta pick the kid up". I tried to get him in the 3 day class and then I'd leave him in 9-2pm. Nope...of course it was full. Now after going to the school I remembered a few things. First, he really loves people. Second, I really love the 9-2 thing. So I'm sucking it up and paying some extra on Tuesday & Thursday. those will be my days for Lady's Who Lunch. (Mom's who get together kidless...ok, we have included a guy friend that doesn't have kids and is layed off. We're not exclusive and don't always talk about BM's and Elementary School. He says it's fun...I think he just might be really really bored. Maybe I'm wrong cause put us all together and we're pretty damn funny.) Can't forget...I do bring Poppy along. He doesn't ask for much and is really cute.

I just can't wait til a little of my sanity comes back. Whoever said "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy" was on to something. I have a few friends, (you know who you are) who think I'm all cool and collected. Hardy har har! I got you fooled. Poppy is old enough now that I don't think I can blame postpartum hormones for my insanity! I love my kids with all my heart, I'm just not used to being on call 24/7. I forgot how much I enjoyed flying away and coming back. Coming back was always the best part. You miss them so much and appreciate all the little things, and they appreciate all the little things you do. I will admit, I always bring home something cool and exciting from Europe too. Love the shopping....alone! I asked the Husb today what he would do if I died. (Let me just quickly add...we just ate Mexican food...I ate so much I felt like I might die!) He responded, "I'd hunt you down and kill you". Now that's love! I'm feeling much better now. Took a quick cat nap while the kid was playing a Spongebob video game. I guess Mexican food can't kill you. Now I'm off to help with the making of Zubber army men. If you've never's quite fun and it takes points off the Bad Mommy chart!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cry Me a River!

I'm not a big crier. Just when watching movies and some times commercials. Not in real life though. Warped, don't ya think? Well, today the Husb comes home and says he won't be home for dinner. WHAT? I won't be home for dinner either!!!!! Once in a blue moon, I actually have plans. Tonight is a recipe exchange with a Mom's Club I'm in. OK, not going to the Mansion or anything, but I have a tiny social life that doesn't involve having to haul the kids with me. Oh, and...these Mom's drink wine! Woohoo! Today I took Poppy to the Doctor for his four month shots. T was with us which only adds to the stress. Needless to say, the baby was not happy about the shots. So, when Husb announces he isn't gonna be home I have an Inner Freakout. If you don't know what that's when all the cuss words you know explode in your head, your face starts turning red, you get really hot and tears start to surface. All the while trying to keep it inside. Husb has to do a Will Execution and this is the only time it can be done. I know what that means...income. I can't bitch...I'm on leave, bring in NADA! :( It's work...we're going to the lake tomorrow, suck it up Niki! So already made your dip, so what that's the only reason you braved Walmart with two kids. (To get the ingredients) So what, you ate at crappy McDonalds for lunch because you promised the kid and even though he's four he can read McDonald's while at Walmart. But alas, the Husb saved the day! He calls my sister and she gets him outta the dog house for double booking. Awwww...thank God for favors and sisters that love your kids and for my sanity. It may seem like a little thing to some, but those that have had an Inner Freakout know just what I'm talking about.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Color of Envy Green

I have slide envy. Today we went to a friends for lunch and she has this awesome water slide that I must have. She got it at the beginning of the summer for more than half price from some woman off of Craigslist. T LOVES....I repeat...LOVES it! When I say slide, I don't mean some cheesy ass little water slide. I mean this awesome 9ft. wonder!!! Last month I started looking for one on Craigslist. Yes, I am a big fat copy cat. I don't care....friend has some really good ideas and says she doesn't mind. So anyhow, we get in touch with the same lady and she says she has one...$25 more than friend bought hers for. But, I don't care...I need that slide. Lady ends up giving us all kinds of excuses and we never get it. I am so sad. :( What I wonder is, where exactly does one get a bunch of $357 and up slides? Is there really such thing as a "hot" slide? Truthfully...I'm embarrassed to say, I don't care...I want that slide. Now I could go out to Target and pick one up, no problem. Only thing is, I'm cheap. I love that slide and I love how happy it makes the kid, but not to the tune of $300 bucks! Isn't she a beauty? How I wish I had a Banzi Plunge!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Name Game

In my humble opinion, your name says a lot about you. I think parents can really jack up a kid by giving them an odd name. That being said, I'm not a traditional name kinda girl. The Husb...well, that's a whole different story. I do like traditional names, just didn't care to name my kids them. Husb would of been great with David, Luke or Michael. Me...not so much. Thus begins The Name Game. Who's gonna win. Hopefully the kid. My Cousin is a teacher and boy & howdy, some parents must of been sipping from the bottle when they picked names. And I'm not talking baby bottle. I do think that the pregnant woman should get the final veto. Hey, I'm the one peeing every 30 minutes.

With our first kid we went thru EVERY freaking website and book we could get our hands on. Or should I say, I did! And don't ya know, I came up with his name while watching a Cowboy's game. I knew and insisted his middle name be after my Dad, John. That's kinda a hard middle name. Husb kept wanting to make John the first name and then pick a middle name to call him by. NO NO NO! I'm a Nicole...but go by Niki. I can't begin to describe what a pain in the ass it was my ENTIRE school life...Elementary, Jr. High, High School & College. Even being a lovely flight attendant. Roll would be called and I'd have to say, "I go by Niki". Not easy for a shy child. Of course, I have SO gotten over that shy business. At work, our trip rotations have your full name on them. Once again, "I go by Niki". For some reason, flight attendants can't seem to grasp..."I go by Niki" means call me Niki. It has been kinda nice at times. When telemarketers call and ask for Nicole, I know they don't know me. When flight attendants at work say, "Hi Nicole, great seeing you again!" I know they can't remember my name and are looking at my name tag.

Yes, technically my first born was named after a Dallas Cowboy. His last name that is. George Teague was playing and I wondered...hummm...what about Teagan? The Husb asked, "Is that even a real name?" I looked it up! Yes, it's Irish & Welsh, masculine meaning poet or Baird. Yeah! We found a name! Thanks George. Not very many people are named Teagan either. Only problem is in America most people use it as a girls name. Didn't find that out til after the fact. Damn, hope I didn't jack my kid up. One thing I love about his name is my pet nicknames. Sweet T, T-Bone, TJ, and most the most used, T. When he was little we couldn't understand a word he said, so we called his language Teaganeise.

Now, baby boy #2 comes along. Once again I start the search for the perfect name. The Husb didn't seem overly concerned. At all. So every once in a while I'd throw out names to get some feedback. I made sure to add totally outrageous ones just so the ones I really liked didn't seem so out there! (Great strategy, I must say!) Seamus was a favorite outrageous one. You should of seen the reaction to that one. So one day, I come up with a great name. Maddox! The Husb says he likes it! Yeah! So, in my mind, I think hey, we have his name. A few months later The Husb says, "We really need to pick a name." WTH? We (I) already picked a name, Maddox. The Husb says, "What? I don't like that name...AT ALL!" HELLLLOOO...yes you do! So there I was, back to square one. And a little ticked. The Husb comes up with the an idea and has been mentioning it every so often. We used my Dad's name with our first, we should use his Dad's name as the seconds middle name. I wasn't overly sold, until he struck a deal. Use his Dad's name, I get to pick the first name. Even if it's the hated Maddox. In theory, that sounds great. But oh....the pressure! I do not want to be responsible for jacking my kid up. That must be shared right? So, I come up with my master list. Top 3 McCoy, Truette & Rhett. In that order. Gotta have those nicknames too! Loved McCoy, Mac, Mac-a-doodle, my little Macaroni! Truette, was gonna be True. Couldn't come up with anything for Rhett. The Husb decides Rhett is his favorite. OH NO...what are his nicknames gonna be? Sweet T had already started calling the baby Poppy months before he was born. You guessed it...Rhett is now Poppy. Oops...hope he isn't jacked up cause Poppy really is his nickname. Oh, I can't forget Rhetty Rue. Love little Poppy and love the name Rhett. Thanks Husb, you were right. And your welcome. (His Dad's name made the cut!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When life gives you lemons!

When life gives you lemons, sale lemonade! Got a call from my sister today. Two of her kids had set up a lemonade stand and they wanted us to join them. One of my fondest childhood memories was selling lemonade. Our house backed up to a street that was quite busy. I must of been about 10...surely my Mother wouldn't let my friend and I sale lemonade by ourselves if we were younger. Would she? Those were the days we just took off and came home before dinner. Mom "kinda" knew where we were. Man, we used to go FAR. No cell phone, no real idea where we were. Bazaar in this day and age of paranoia that we were able to do that no questions asked. Anyhow, one day my friend Kristin and I were back on the busy street selling away when a school bus stopped. I almost peed pants I was so excited. The bus driver bought all the kids on the bus a glass. Now it couldn't of been more then 4-5 kids...but it was awesome. I just remember being REALLY happy. So, today I get the call and can't get out of the door fast enough. There are a few reasons for that. My wonderful childhood memory, the Huzb was working, and my guilt level for letting T watch Spongebob yet again was ultra high. Ok, we had nothing better to do and were bored to tears. My Nephew is 12 and one smart kid. He had the cute 8 year old jumping around with the sign while he served up the lemonade. Come to find out, he thought it would be a great idea to have little 4 year old T help attract the customers. The kids were planning to save $ for a few DS games. (Whatever those might be!) 12 year old was right on. Tons of cars stopped. T yelled and screamed "Gum...gum...gum...lemonade!" Until we screamed at him to stop screaming! (My nerves are shot). My Father was quite the salesman. He could sell anything. T must of inherited that trait. On the way over there I asked if he wanted some money to buy lemonade. He said "Yes, but I'll be selling these". He holds up a container of gum. People actually bought gum for 25 cents each. He could of made a killing but alas he chewed all his product. The kids did a great job making about $15. Not half bad for an hours worth of work. Maybe I should get into lemonade and gum sales for a little mad money. ;)