Friday, August 7, 2009

The Name Game

In my humble opinion, your name says a lot about you. I think parents can really jack up a kid by giving them an odd name. That being said, I'm not a traditional name kinda girl. The Husb...well, that's a whole different story. I do like traditional names, just didn't care to name my kids them. Husb would of been great with David, Luke or Michael. Me...not so much. Thus begins The Name Game. Who's gonna win. Hopefully the kid. My Cousin is a teacher and boy & howdy, some parents must of been sipping from the bottle when they picked names. And I'm not talking baby bottle. I do think that the pregnant woman should get the final veto. Hey, I'm the one peeing every 30 minutes.

With our first kid we went thru EVERY freaking website and book we could get our hands on. Or should I say, I did! And don't ya know, I came up with his name while watching a Cowboy's game. I knew and insisted his middle name be after my Dad, John. That's kinda a hard middle name. Husb kept wanting to make John the first name and then pick a middle name to call him by. NO NO NO! I'm a Nicole...but go by Niki. I can't begin to describe what a pain in the ass it was my ENTIRE school life...Elementary, Jr. High, High School & College. Even being a lovely flight attendant. Roll would be called and I'd have to say, "I go by Niki". Not easy for a shy child. Of course, I have SO gotten over that shy business. At work, our trip rotations have your full name on them. Once again, "I go by Niki". For some reason, flight attendants can't seem to grasp..."I go by Niki" means call me Niki. It has been kinda nice at times. When telemarketers call and ask for Nicole, I know they don't know me. When flight attendants at work say, "Hi Nicole, great seeing you again!" I know they can't remember my name and are looking at my name tag.

Yes, technically my first born was named after a Dallas Cowboy. His last name that is. George Teague was playing and I wondered...hummm...what about Teagan? The Husb asked, "Is that even a real name?" I looked it up! Yes, it's Irish & Welsh, masculine meaning poet or Baird. Yeah! We found a name! Thanks George. Not very many people are named Teagan either. Only problem is in America most people use it as a girls name. Didn't find that out til after the fact. Damn, hope I didn't jack my kid up. One thing I love about his name is my pet nicknames. Sweet T, T-Bone, TJ, and most the most used, T. When he was little we couldn't understand a word he said, so we called his language Teaganeise.

Now, baby boy #2 comes along. Once again I start the search for the perfect name. The Husb didn't seem overly concerned. At all. So every once in a while I'd throw out names to get some feedback. I made sure to add totally outrageous ones just so the ones I really liked didn't seem so out there! (Great strategy, I must say!) Seamus was a favorite outrageous one. You should of seen the reaction to that one. So one day, I come up with a great name. Maddox! The Husb says he likes it! Yeah! So, in my mind, I think hey, we have his name. A few months later The Husb says, "We really need to pick a name." WTH? We (I) already picked a name, Maddox. The Husb says, "What? I don't like that name...AT ALL!" HELLLLOOO...yes you do! So there I was, back to square one. And a little ticked. The Husb comes up with the an idea and has been mentioning it every so often. We used my Dad's name with our first, we should use his Dad's name as the seconds middle name. I wasn't overly sold, until he struck a deal. Use his Dad's name, I get to pick the first name. Even if it's the hated Maddox. In theory, that sounds great. But oh....the pressure! I do not want to be responsible for jacking my kid up. That must be shared right? So, I come up with my master list. Top 3 McCoy, Truette & Rhett. In that order. Gotta have those nicknames too! Loved McCoy, Mac, Mac-a-doodle, my little Macaroni! Truette, was gonna be True. Couldn't come up with anything for Rhett. The Husb decides Rhett is his favorite. OH NO...what are his nicknames gonna be? Sweet T had already started calling the baby Poppy months before he was born. You guessed it...Rhett is now Poppy. Oops...hope he isn't jacked up cause Poppy really is his nickname. Oh, I can't forget Rhetty Rue. Love little Poppy and love the name Rhett. Thanks Husb, you were right. And your welcome. (His Dad's name made the cut!)

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Eva Gallant said...

It is hard to pick names. My sons are Jason and Eric, but they were born 30 plus years ago. I have grandkids: Tanya, Jamie, Nickolas, Alexandria, Austin, Carter, and Rosabelle.

Nickolas is Nickie, Alexandria is Allie, and Rosabelle is Rosie; no nicknames yet for Austin and Carter.

Enjoying your blog!