Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ladies Night...Oh what a night!

I'm a member of a Mom's Club in the neighborhood. My friend across the street is pretty active in it and arranged a Ladies Night at a cute little restaurant close by. So last night we head out at 6 pm for half price bottles of wine and Italian food. We are the first there. A few minutes later a chick comes in that I have met a few times before. She sits down and realizes that a year and a half ago we all were at a Mom's Happy Hour together. She also remembers that I had mentioned how I like to mess with my friends husband because he is WAY conservative and I am one of like 2% of the Democrats around here. (BTW, this is not a political post. I'm not talking or ranting about anything political. I like to think I'm moderate and can see both sides of an issue and don't care to get into it with others.) So this chick tells us she hates talking about things that make others uncomfortable and she likes for other people to like her. She then starts on about the Healthcare Bill and how she can't stand how one of her unemployed friends now think she has a free ride...yada yada yada. It's really interesting having conversations with those that are passive aggressive. No no, I don't want to offend, BUT I am assuming your views on the subject as such and such and now I'm going to tell you why your wrong. Strange. Started to make my friend a bit uncomfortable because her husband is so passionate about his beliefs. I think she thought we might have a throw down. We didn't....I could of taken her though. LOL! At the end of dinner she asked if I still liked her. Well of hard feelings....I think.

Oh, forgot to mention that she did have a bit of a throw down with another lady at the last dinner. I refused to get pulled into the drama. Ya know, I want everyone to like me...;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bouncy Baby Boy...Really...

So today I go to pick up the kid at preschool. We are walking out and I am carrying the baby that will be one in two weeks. I step off the sidewalk and turn my ankle which results in me falling on my knee cap AND the baby basically does a back flip off my hip and lands on his forehead on the sidewalk. Holy Shit! I was able to sort of break his fall...sort of. Some lady getting out of her car runs up to us. I'm laying on my back right next to Rhett thinking OH MY GOD...I just dropped my kid on his head! Anyhow, she runs up and say "OMG, are you OK? You need to take him to the emergency room!" Ya think? A few other women are standing around us with their mouths open....lovely. The woman takes Rhett and helps me up. I insist I'm fine and will head right to the ER while calling my Husband. And off I go doing just that. Lets just say, STRESSED out doesn't cover it. T the five year old is trooper. He gets the baby a laughing and all seems well. The Husb meets us at the ER. Looks like the baby is ok, just a few scrapes from sliding down my car keys which were hanging out of my pocket. A tiny little scrape on the forehead and a few marks on his back. Thank you Lord.

Then...this afternoon, big kid puts little kid on the chest at the end of our bed. Little kid falls off and gets a rug burn on the other side of his forehead. For the love of God make it stop. Needless to say, I am enjoying a glass of wine, wondering if my shoulder will be jacked up for long and also planning on sneaking into the baby's room all night long to make sure he's ok. Parenthood is NOT for the faint of heart.

Friday, March 19, 2010


For those that don't know, a Mii is a profile for Wii games. My 5 year old has created a bunch of them for all our family and friends. He changes the color they are wearing & puts sunglasses and hats on them and makes them skinny or fat. If you click on one, you can dangle them around and their arms and legs flail about. I wish I could dangle people that irritate me like Mii's.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break?

Is Spring Break really a break? For who? The teachers? It certainly won't be a break for me. We have no plans, so it'll be Spring Pain in the Ass. I'm just say'in. So today, T and I headed to Home Depot to get a bunch of plants for a butterfly garden. He must of learned this at school. He was very pumped to get all the planting done. The boy is five...guess how much he did. Nada, nothing, niltch. Mom did it all. The one thing kids don't get is you can't just shove a bunch of flowers in the ground. Not only does it look like shit, they will die. Waste of money. He didn't care for the whole pull the weeds ideas either. I also bought three tomato plants, a pepper plant, lettuce, onions and some herbs. Damn I love spring. Also had to put two ferns in the big pots on the front porch. Our neighborhood awards Yard of the Month. I have secretly been wanting to win the award. I don't know who gives it out, or when, but wouldn't it be dandy to have that sign in your yard? I have a bunch of daffodils and other bulbs coming up that are beau-t-ful! I don't know why I could have that award. Maybe I need to start lobbying or something. Anywho, happy spring! (At least in Texas!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last month my sister calls and tells me to turn the channel to QVC. Now here's the problem, how the hell would I know what channel QVC is on? I don't buy things from TV. I don't watch home shopping shows. I might be bored, but I'm not THAT bored. Sheesh. I finally search around til I find the right channel. Holy crap...the cutest serving dishes are on. Kinda country/funky. It comes with 3 casserole can microwave, bake in them and serve in them. ALSO, there are three matching bowls to serve dips and such in. Too cute. But that's not all! They come with lids and metal stands! Ohhhhhh! Now really, I'm not spending $42 plus shipping for a bunch of dishes that I don't need. That's where my Sisters and my "farm account" comes in. When our Grandfather died, we inherited his land and some $. We split the money but kept some in the farm account to pay for keeping the house and property up. Well guess what? Paw Paw would really want us to have those dishes. So you guessed it, we used the farm account. Thanks Paw Paw!!! Got the shipment a few weeks later. Too cute. Now I'm wondering why I've only used one dish, one time. Maybe I need to make something tonight. Geez.

Have you ever bought anything off a home shopping network? I have a cousin that's a Quacker. Wonder what the hell that is? Apparently some woman on QVC has a bunch of followers called Quackers. The woman is genius! She even has all these Quackers go on cruises. My cousin went...she said everyone on board the ship would quack at each other. WTH?

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Wonder.

I wonder if I am becoming one of those stay at home Mom's that is starved for adult conversation. As I've mentioned before, we have been remodeling the master bath. For some reason I know all the personal details of the tile guy. I know his girlfriend is pregnant but still married to another guy. I know she's whiny and keeps "C" up at night crying and upset. She doesn't work and feels guilty about it. Not guilty enough to find a job. She doesn't want to get a divorce because she feels sorry for the guy. Why o' why do I know these things? Well, cause I'm chatty I guess. Or maybe I'm bored or have that look. You know the one, the tell me all your worldly problems look. All that being said, we got a hell of a deal on the tiling of our shower. Perhaps cause I'm so damn nice. Maybe now I should start getting involved in some type of activity where adults are during the day. Now that the tile guy only has one more small project, who am I gonna talk too? The poor Husb is gonna just have to sit and listen to me rattle on and on. A five year old only gives you so much quality chatting. I'm just say'in!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Finally got my laptop back. Wow, never knew how much I missed the old boy! Well, today we had 4 different workman here. Tile guy, sheet rock guy and two shower door installers. How come nothing goes to plan? Thrifty Niki was hoping to get a rocking standard shower door at Home Depot...oh silly me. Custom all the way. Why? The dang walls in the bathroom are not even and the standard sizes are less than half an inch off. Crap. Oh well, sure will be purdy. Funny how redoing floors ends up in a total bathroom remodel. We are on the home stretch. Love the new look, hate getting up super early cause the tile guy is an earlier worker. He gets here before 7:30am almost every morning. He also calls me Ma'am.

So today in Dallas, four restaurant/bars in a popular part of Dallas burned down. When we were young and kidless, we'd hang out there, drink and listen to bands. Sometimes we'd meet for brunch and have bloody mary's on one of the patios. To be honest, I haven't been down to lower Greenville in several years. (Kids do that.) But I am sure sad to see those places go up in flames. It's kinda like our history. We always thought Greenville Bar & Grill would be there. A sad day in Dallas. A guy owned two of the four on that strip. He didn't have fire insurance. Now, I know times are hard, but dude, don't ya think it might be a good idea to have insurance on at least one restaurant if it's in the same building as your other one? Something horrible could the whole thing could go up in flames. I'm just say'in. What a drag.

Well, I'm off to get the kid a Girl Scout cookie. We have entirely too many boxes. What's a girl to do say no to a Girl Scout???