Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Finally got my laptop back. Wow, never knew how much I missed the old boy! Well, today we had 4 different workman here. Tile guy, sheet rock guy and two shower door installers. How come nothing goes to plan? Thrifty Niki was hoping to get a rocking standard shower door at Home Depot...oh silly me. Custom all the way. Why? The dang walls in the bathroom are not even and the standard sizes are less than half an inch off. Crap. Oh well, sure will be purdy. Funny how redoing floors ends up in a total bathroom remodel. We are on the home stretch. Love the new look, hate getting up super early cause the tile guy is an earlier worker. He gets here before 7:30am almost every morning. He also calls me Ma'am.

So today in Dallas, four restaurant/bars in a popular part of Dallas burned down. When we were young and kidless, we'd hang out there, drink and listen to bands. Sometimes we'd meet for brunch and have bloody mary's on one of the patios. To be honest, I haven't been down to lower Greenville in several years. (Kids do that.) But I am sure sad to see those places go up in flames. It's kinda like our history. We always thought Greenville Bar & Grill would be there. A sad day in Dallas. A guy owned two of the four on that strip. He didn't have fire insurance. Now, I know times are hard, but dude, don't ya think it might be a good idea to have insurance on at least one restaurant if it's in the same building as your other one? Something horrible could happen...like the whole thing could go up in flames. I'm just say'in. What a drag.

Well, I'm off to get the kid a Girl Scout cookie. We have entirely too many boxes. What's a girl to do say no to a Girl Scout???

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Anonymous said...

We had our GS cookies sales in October starting this last fall. It was weird having them in November, and I've been reading about them on people's blogs and I feel very left out!

It sucks being w/out your computer, I know. I went almost 24 hrs w/out mine last month and it nearly killed me. Glad you got it back!