Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

For a lot of people 2009 has been a crappy year. For me...nope, it's been awesome. I had some probs with the whole pregnancy thing toward the end, but now I have a fantastic little blond baby. Mama's Angel from Heaven. Yeah, I know I'm a sap. Can't help it, the 5 year old isn't as nearly as huggy as he used to be. This one is gonna be tortured with love til he can't take it any more. I've been lucky enough to stay home too. Not something I'd ever thought I'd do. A Stay at Home Mom? Housewife? Not me. I actually like it. (Most of the time! If I had a wife, it would be perfect! wink wink!) My 5 year old T is a cool kid. Sometimes a smart ass like Mommy but sweet and very good natured. The Husb is patient and hard working. He's an awesome Dad and knows when to take over so I don't go crazy. I don't know how I was lucky enough to snag him.

I hope the coming year brings you happiness, health, love and tolerance. I'd like a bunch of each please! Happy 2010 my Bloggy friends! I have enjoyed reading about your ups and downs and everyday dilemmas. You keep me smiling and wondering! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where am I?

Seriously, it's snowing in Dallas again. WTH? It sometimes snows maybe once or twice a year but not until February. It's just plain weird. Sure is pretty though. Well since it's just after Christmas the baby has gotten his first sickness. Went to the doctor yesterday after a horrible night. Not the flu, not an ear infection...just the crud. Lovely. I just realized why I'm not a nurse. I don't do puke, I don't do sickness. It's so sad when he can't even say, "Hey Mom, I feel like shit. I can't breath thru my nose." That would be nice. It would also be nice if he'd let me suck his snot out with that bulb thing. That's a hell no from him. Poor guy is already in bed and it's not even 5pm. Wonder what kind of night we'll have. Sure do miss those Europe layovers right now.

Speaking of flying. What the hell is wrong with people? Trying to blow up a Delta flight???? Since I work for Delta, I find that entirely too close for comfort. Entirely. The Government needs to pull their head out of their ass concerning security. Not to be a bitch or to profile, but if someone is on a watch list and they don't live in the states, why o' why do you not revoke their VISA? Why do they need to come here? To hang out? The guys Dad even said he was going to be a problem. HELLOOOOO!!!!

Well, I'm off to watch the snow. It relaxes me (and a GIANT glass of wine). After the last few days with a fussy baby, I am ready to chill. Oh, nix that...the baby is crying. Shit.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hail the Might State!

Merry Christmas from the state of Texas! Yesterday it was 76 degrees in Dallas. We had the screen door open blasting Christmas music! Today....looks like it might be a white Christmas! 32 degrees and it's suppose to get down to 23 degrees. Blizzard "like" warnings of blowing snow. WTH? Hey baby, it's TEXAS...if ya don't like the weather, just wait a minute!

Have a wonderful holiday! Hugs those near and dear...just don't strangle! HoHoHo, The GDL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Sleeps til Christmas!

I've always loved Christmas. No matter what life has thrown my way, I refuse to let Christmas be ruined. Growing up, I never realized how much I would of loved to wake up at home Christmas morning. We always went to our Grandparents though. Sometimes to my Dad's parents before my parents divorced. When I was about 7, on the way home from Christmas at the farm, my Mother told us she and Daddy were getting divorced. From then on, we spent Christmas at my Mom's parents in Muskogee Oklahoma and then that night we would drive to Missouri to be with my Dad and Grandparents. Like clock work...every year. You might think that is a little sad, but I made the best of it. I looked at it as two of everything. All the poor other kids got jipped. My Grandmother Junie would have loads of gifts. Every year my Paw Paw would give her $500 cash. He'd hide it in the Christmas tree. One year she couldn't find it. She ripped that tree apart. Looked at every ornament. My Paw Paw had a funny sense of humor. That year he tricked her and didn't put it on the tree. We laughed at that forever. The year after my sister got married, "Santa" aka Junie filled our stockings. My sister got a pair of granny panties and I got a pair of sexy panties. Sister said, "Hey, I'm the one that's married"...and Junie said, "Exactly! Niki needs the sexy ones!"
Fast forward to when I got a job as a Flight Attendant. I worked Christmas forever. My Grandmother Junie once told me, "Christmas is not a day, it's a season". We'd celebrate whenever I wasn't flying, making our Christmas day whenever it fit. Nothing was going to get my Christmas down! The longer I flew, the more of the holidays I got off. Five years ago I had my first son a week or so before Thanksgiving. That same Christmas Eve my Dad died. You'd think that might put a damper on my Christmas spirit. (Yeah..ya think!) At his funeral, a friend of his did a eulogy. He said that God gave my Dad the greatest gift by taking him on Christmas Eve. I'll always remember that. Tomorrow is not only Christmas Eve, but the life and celebration of an awesome guy, my Daddy. The man was funny and charming. He lived life to the fullest. He was happy. Not even his death can ruin Christmas. We all do things around the holidays that we'd rather not. We all goes places and endure traditions that makes us crazy. Some of us even drink to get thru them! ;) (!) But in the end the joy in my kids eyes, the laughter and making fun of tradition are all worth it. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hurry Up Ho!

The house is decorated, the packages are wrapped, the stocking stuffers are waiting to be stuffed. I'm ready to get on with it already! This morning before 7am Mr. T was singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Yeah...we're all in the spirit. So come on already! I was never good at waiting. I'm the one that wants to open some gifts on Christmas Eve. Good thing we are having the Husbs family over then. Otherwise he'd give me hell....cause I'd let the kid open at least one gift. My Grandmother Mammy was the same way. She hated waiting. She ALWAYS let us open a gift. Of course she also would get up in the middle of the night and carefully unwrapped her presents to see what she got. She was quite good at re-wrapping them. Sneaky Lady. I loved her! She was not the best cook, but us kids totally dug the things she did around the holidays. She always had homemade cookies. The one thing she did really well was homemade noodles. The cousins all used to fight over who got the most. My favorite thing of all was these red and green sandwiches Mammy made. Somehow she used to get red and green white bread. She'd dye cream cheese to match and make cream cheese sandwiches. As an adult the thought of eating a red cream cheese sandwich makes me want to puke. As a was awesome. Awwww Christmas time!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What the heck?

Ok Blogger Buddies, I got a comment from my last post that has me perplexed. WTH?

"Dear Author ! I can not participate now in discussion - it is very occupied. But I will be released - I will necessarily write that I think"

It's from anonymous. What the hell? Is this something that normally happens? Weird people or what? Don't make me go all Ninja on you man!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Show me the money!

I created a gambling man. My 5 year old loves scratch off lotto tickets. Oh no. Is this horrible? I actually like them too. Love to win money. We hardly ever win money. Waaawaaaa. The Gambling Man begs to go over to that big green machine when we are at the store. Awww, Texas State Lotto! I try and control ourselves so we don't waste a bunch of money. You know why...because who actually wins more than $2? I usually give the kid $2-$3 to buy $1 scratch offs. Once he gets them, he holds them tight until we get to the car. We then pick out our luckiest coin and scratch away. Then... NADA! NOTHING! ZILCH! Damn scratch offs. The Husb a.k.a. Santa puts them in our Christmas stockings! Love that. I've always been tempted to bring them to our friends Christmas Party gift exchange. But what if someone won $1000 off one. I'd be jealous and ticked I hadn't scratched it. I guess the Husb knows that if I win $25,000 off a stocking stuffer that it's "all in the family"! Or is it? Baaaahahaha!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas card...

So I just finished stamping my Christmas cards. Good gosh...what a pain in the ass. I usually am so on top of things. I get them out at the very least the week after Thanksgiving. I don't know if it's having another baby or not really giving a shit that has made them "late" this year. OK, not late..but late by my gauge. I probably sent out about 75. Now let's do the math. Each card cost 26 cents. Each stamp cost 44 cents. That's 70 cents each. Times that by 75. Yes my mathematical friends, I spent $52.50 on Christmas cards. I once told someone that I was going to stop sending out cards to those that don't reciprocate. She said..."But I love getting cards!" Here's the do I! I guess if you really think about it, that would be crappy. The point of these cards are to spread good cheer. Not because you get something in return. Right? Yeah, sure. I will say I have a guy friend that doesn't do cards but it's always nice to go to his house and see your kids on his refrigerator. Heck, it'll be August and they are still there. Kinda gives you warm fuzzies that he cares. So Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer! Cards are out baby!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My cat stole my Snuggie.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Post Party!

So I went to my friends Christmas party on Saturday. She and her Husb have had forever. Years I tell ya. About 10 years ago our token gay friends brought a gag gift for the gift exchange. Prince Rainbow Ken...ya know, a gay Barbie doll dude. Anywho, he comes back every year. In the beginning he'd actually have some cool stuff with him. Like a nice bottle of wine, a fondue pot. You get the idea. Well my friends neighbors have got him 3 out of the last seven years. Needless to say...they are getting a bit pissy about it. So this year, not using the brain God gave him, instead of stealing a bottle of Crown Royal, the Husb takes a chance and picks from under the tree. Can you say "STUPID"? Guess what he picks? Yep... Rainbow Ken. The pissy neighbors include a lovely bottle of Boones Farm (cheap ass wine) and a card that has a dissertation written on the damn thing. The Husb refused to read it and just said, "Just give me the damn doll, I'm not reading this Christmas letter." Apparently they added a Barbie this year cause Ken got married. Their humor is lacking. Just my (and several others) opinion. Hey, It's GAY Ken!!!

Later, I was talking about how Ken may just come back next year naked in a crockpot with a bottle of champagne. I was told by a few friends..."OH NO, you can't take him out of the box, he'll lose value". Like in 10 years or so we're gonna sell the bastard and all go on a cruise. Yeah, like maybe in 50 years he might be worth something. Of course these people have never actually gotten Ken. I offered to swap gifts if they didn't want him removed from the box. I got no takers!

I've decided to put a little twist on things this next year. Ken is most definitely coming out of the closet. I go back to flying in June. For those that haven't read my bio, I'm a flight attendant. I fly Europe when I work. This is the plan, Ken is going to be traveling with me! By the end of the year, he'll have one hell of a vacation scrapbook. He'll also pick up some choice gifts along the way. He'll be the most sought after guy at the party. So there!!!

BTW, I walked away with a Leopard Snuggie. Don't go hate''s awesome. My gift, well some would like it, most not. A Susan Boyles CD. Hehe...the chick I stole the Snuggie from got "F-ed" twice by me. So sorry!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday Confessions

I confess that it's Saturday!

I confess that cartoons have been on since 6:55am and it's now 9:50. I have no intention of turning them off!

I confess that I got a funny as shit present for a gift exchange party with friends. I'll only tell AFTER tonight. Baahahahaha!

I confess that I wish the Husb would stay around today, I'm sick and tired of kid duty.

I confess that if the Christmas lights don't get put up this weekend then I'm going out to buy a light up reindeer to put on the front porch. The Husb hates those...well then, put up the lights.

I confess the pork roast I forced the kid to eat last night pretty much sucked.

I confess that I spanked a cat last night for pissing on the kitchen counter. He was caught red handed...or butt in the air. This is the smart cat, so he'll remember. Don't be report'in me to animal'd do it too.

I confess I thought it was the other stupid cat. Sorry I know you only piss in the hallway.

I confess that I acted like I didn't hear the baby last night so I wouldn't have to get up. I do get up most of the time and first every morning though. So there!

I confess that it's almost 10am when the stores open and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go shopping ALONE!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


How in the world do people live up North? You know who you are. Your the people that actually wear coats in the car. You have gloves, scarfs and hats. I haven't had a winter hat on since 2003. (I lie...I wear one when I fly out of New York...but not at home!) Today I woke up and it was 22 degrees outside. I live in Texas for a reason...BECAUSE it's not suppose to be 22 freaking degrees! I hate wearing a coat to a store. I walk around and start sweating. Ewww! I like flying to see the snow and coming home. How in the world do people live in Canada or for that matter Alaska? My cousin does live in Alaska. I've had a few layovers there in the summer!! the summer! She has a automatic starter for her car to warm it up. She also said it get so cold all the stray cats don't have the tips of their ears cause they freeze off. That's just wrong. I may have to look into that car starter...sure would be nice to hop into an ice cold car on a 100 degree day. Now that's what I'm talk'in about!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Confessions

I confess:

*I could give a crap about who Tiger is bonking.
*The Husb said I could worry about the Christmas shopping and he'd worry about billing hours to pay for it. Sucker...(I kid...)
*The Husb also just signed a lease for an office. He's been "virtual officing" from the house and his Dad's. I'm virtually done.
*I will be sad when Husbie isn't here so I can leave the baby to pick up T from school.
*I ate shrimp and grits for breakfast.
*I love nap time!
*I've said this before, I'm not nice in the morning til my coffee kicks in.
*I know what my Mother is getting us for Christmas. Score.
*I want a Snuggie.

That's it for today. Unfortunately I hear a baby calling.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! I've been enjoying a glass of wine in the evening lately. For some reason I have a rule in my head that I have to wait til 5. I wonder why that is? Perhaps because people get off work at 5? I don't. Not til 8:30 when Mr. T goes to bed. I like wine. It makes me happy. Sure glad I don't have a problem with alcohol. That would really suck.

I've been really bad about blogging lately. Busy with Christmas and the older the baby gets, the more attention he wants. Now he thinks he's missing something if he naps. The only thing he's missing is me shushing Mr. T so he won't wake the baby. Right now he's in his room singing at the top of his lungs. Mr. T...not the baby. ;) Have you ever heard the Spongebob CD? Did you know Spongebob had one? My favorite is "Where's Gary?". Spongebob had lost his pet Snail. Why the hell do I know these things and how is it enriching my life? I know this chick that doesn't let her kid watch TV. He can only watch movies. The poor sap doesn't even know who Spongebob is. He is going to hate school when the kids find out he doesn't have a clue. I never wanted to be that kid.

Hopefully I don't warp my kid too bad. I have a habit of raising my voice. OK, OK, I scream. It's like he has rocks in his ears. I wonder if all boys are like that. Kinda like a man watching sports. "Honey, blah blah blah blah" "I said blah blah blah!!!!" "HELLO!!!!" And I wonder why I like wine. Oh, I also sneeze really loud. LOL, I just scared the kid. Sad, that makes me laugh!