Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday Confessions

I confess that it's Saturday!

I confess that cartoons have been on since 6:55am and it's now 9:50. I have no intention of turning them off!

I confess that I got a funny as shit present for a gift exchange party with friends. I'll only tell AFTER tonight. Baahahahaha!

I confess that I wish the Husb would stay around today, I'm sick and tired of kid duty.

I confess that if the Christmas lights don't get put up this weekend then I'm going out to buy a light up reindeer to put on the front porch. The Husb hates those...well then, put up the lights.

I confess the pork roast I forced the kid to eat last night pretty much sucked.

I confess that I spanked a cat last night for pissing on the kitchen counter. He was caught red handed...or butt in the air. This is the smart cat, so he'll remember. Don't be report'in me to animal'd do it too.

I confess I thought it was the other stupid cat. Sorry I know you only piss in the hallway.

I confess that I acted like I didn't hear the baby last night so I wouldn't have to get up. I do get up most of the time and first every morning though. So there!

I confess that it's almost 10am when the stores open and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go shopping ALONE!


Noelle said... alone! i actually took mine to daycare yesterday so i could shop alone. and let me tell was BLISS! i had a full six hours of no whining, crying, begging, pouting, arguing. heaven, i tell you.

kys said...

I confess that I wish my whole family would GO AWAY for a day. Or two.

Ann said...

love your blog and I am going to follow it..