Monday, September 21, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

So take off all your clothes!!!! That song keeps running thru my head cause I'm hot as hell. I've been cleaning cleaning cleaning! Got home yesterday from Destin. I'd been forewarned by my Sister (the cat sitter) that my little pissers were doing their job like expected. For those who haven't read earlier posts, I have two pissy (and poopy) cats. They get especially bad when we're gone. Sister kept the poop picked up and did her best to wipe up the pee, but the smell still lingers. Tonight we're having friends over for dinner. We're meeting the guys fiancee from Germany and I don't want her think we're nasty Americans that let their cats urinate everywhere. Even though, I guess we do. But can you really keep a cat from peeing? Besides sewing his butt up or locking him in a cage?

My Mother likes to harass my Sister because years ago she was taking care of our 18 year old cat while I was at college and Mom was outta town. She walks in and finds the cat dead. Hey, the cat was 18!!! The funny part or you might think sick part is the message she left on my answering machine. "Hey Niki, just wanted you to know I found Pepper dead in Mother's hallway". If that wasn't a bad enough message about a beloved pet, she added, "Oh...she must of been dead for a while cause she was hard". WTH? A few weeks ago, once again Sister is looking after Mother's cats. She walks in and finds one that won't lift her head and is lethargic. She calls me frantic because she knows Mom will freak out and mention it for the rest of her life if the cat dies. Sister takes the cat to the vet, it gets an I.V. drip and all is well. Nothing wrong with the cat...just a little depressed. Weird damn cat! Now my Mom "jokes" about sister being the cat killer. Now I "joke" if she kills my cats that we'll throw her a big party. I'm joking...I think.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vacation from a vacation

Is a vacation REALLY a vacation if your traveling with kids? I think not. Everything seems just a little be harder. Ok, let's be frank, a whole hell of lot harder. We made it to Destin without any major problems. Stopped in a tiny little town for pie. Yes, pie. A client of the Husb suggested we make the stop. There's a market it Luxey Alabama...I think that's the name and they sell awesome pies. We had lunch there which was quaint, but sucked. But the pies! Damn good pies. We only bought one and would like to stop on the way back but probably won't because of a change of travel plans. As I said before, vacationing with kids really isn't a true vacation. We have decided to suck it up and leave a day early and spend the night somewhere along the way. No since in making a 12-14 hours trip in one day. I say 12-14 hours cause...did I mention we are traveling with kids?

So we get to Destin Monday afternoon. I have been forewarned that the Husb will have to do some work while we're here. I can deal with that. Tuesday morning it rains a bit. Once that let's up, I decide that we'll go out to the beach. Just the 2 1/2 of us. Me, T and Poppy. What a beating. The entire time out there I have to watch T like a hawk so he doesn't get dragged into the deep blue yonder by the under tow. So not relaxing. And this is after hauling down an umbrella, two beach chairs, two boogie boards, a bouncy seat, three towels and a bag of crap. Today I was notified that the Husb was once again going to be working a few hours. Of course the guilt of Motherhood once again takes over. Yes, we are right on the beach. The sun has broken thru the clouds. Am I really going to let the kid watch The Incredibles one more time while I read the Twilight books? Guilt guilt guilt. I once again drag all that shit down to the beach, get set up, stick the kid in a life jacket and settle down to watch him like a hawk while now and then screaming for him to get the hell out of the water. The boy can't seem to understand..."Don't go any further than your shins." All the while pointing to his shins!!!!! 3o minutes into it, the baby is napping next to me while I hold the umbrella. (It has already turned inside out once which made me scream the "F" word and then look around to make sure no one heard me. They didn't...too damn windy to hear anything.) The kid comes up to me and announces that he thinks he has to go poopoo. Oh hell. I get the baby, and haul my butt up the stairs, wash the sand off my feet, wash the sand off the kids feet, legs and hands, put the baby in the house, and proceed to watch the kid poopoo. Lovely. T then announces he thinks he is finished with the beach. Oh hell no! Get that life jacket on before I strangle you with it! You will have fun, you will play in the waves and sand, and you'll do it til I tell you were going in. Oh the joy of vacations. So relaxing. No wonder we only do it once a year.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where's The Beef?

Just got back last night from lovely Delta training. Let me just say, what a "F'ING" beating. I did fine. Made a 100 on all the tests. My Mama better be proud, I know how to call a pilot on a 747. Woohoo. Drank some wine with friends which made it so much more bearable. Thanks MG for bringing the hooch. I owe ya!

Now we are off to Destin. Yes, the day after coming back from training. I couldn't get my shit together until about 2:30. Give me a break, I packed for three and who knew babies needed so much junk? The trip started off fine. UNTIL we decided to drive thru Taco Cabana for lunch. So hungry after eating only donuts for breakfast. (And I wonder why I'm fat?) Anywho, we stop and I order 2 beef fajita tacos with guacamole. Yum Yum. The Husb orders some weird sounding beef thing that has melted cheese and peppers and stuff. It was the best option for driving and eating. I should of followed his lead. So, we get our food and head out on the highway. A couple of miles down the road after getting T and the Husb's food delivered, I dive into my delicious BEEF fajita taco. I'm just going to say it...there was no fucking beef on it. For that matter, there was no beef on either one. I don't think I've been that mad in ages. I don't know if it came from the stress of the last several days or what. I could have flipped out, but the children we're in the car. The Husb attempts to turn around, but hellll nooooo. We have a 12 hour drive ahead of us. We are not, I repeat are NOT wasting 30 minutes going back to Taco Cabana. (The one in Mesquite right before highway 80...fair warning). Anyone who has traveled with a baby knows that those extra 30 minutes in the car could ruin your day. I made myself feel a tiny bit better by calling and letting the manager know his staff had their head up their asses. Ok, I didn't say it like that but I thought about it.

But alas, the day has ended in bliss. We are now in Lafayette Louisiana. We drove thru the parking lot of two other hotels befor choosing the Baymont Inn & Suites. Funny how in your old age you become real picky about where you sleep. This place is awesome. The perfect mattress, mini frig, microwave, free breakfast, wifi, and nice...nice rooms. It's weird to find someplace like this on accident off the highway. Maybe my luck has changed!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Bad!

Yes, I'm a bad blogger. Waiting this long to Blog. So sorry! We did have a busy Labor Day weekend. We usually go out to the lake, but because of me traveling a lot this month, we decided to stick closer to home. Had a great time chilling with some in town folks. Might have to skip the lake next year too. So, today I head out to the great state of Minnesota. As most people that don't live under a rock know...Delta is merging with Northwest. All of us Delta Drink Ladies/Gentlemen must go to training on 4 of their airplanes that we don't have. Me and my "Mommy Brain" will try to remember all the important parts and pass each test with an 85. If I was smart, I'd be more worried than I am. I'm going with two of my friends which should ease the pain. One is checking her suitcase, so she can fill it with wine for us. Damn, I love her.

Out of the 4 planes we are training on, three are Airbuses. Ya want to know what I know about the Airbus? It crashes. If I'm correct, one crashed in Queens NY right after 9-11 and the one headed to France from South America a few months ago. I have zero desire to work on one. Hummm...I wonder why? The other is a 747 that holds an ungodly number of passengers. Close to 400. That doesn't sound appealing either, well unless it's going to some fabulous location that I just have to see. Still not working an Airbus though.

I think I'm going to really miss my boys. As much as I bitch and complain about pee pee in the trash can and getting up at night, I sure am gonna be sad when I leave. I'll just have to keep remembering the day after I get back, we'll be spending 12 hours in the car driving to Destin. Bet I'll be over the missing by the time we get to Mississippi.

Well, until we meet again! As the singer Steve Miller says, "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Pee pisses me off. So, this morning I'm getting ready as fast as I can to take Mr. T to Preschool. Before we leave, I tell him 3-4 times to go to the bathroom. Before having kids, I never dreamed I'd have to repeat myself all the time. I thought I'd save that til I was old and told the same stories over and over again. But no....I say the same thing over and over again every damn day. Can you tell it wears on me? Anyhow, T goes to the bathroom and before he can turn the light off and run out, I walk in and catch him red handed. First, the toilet seat is up which I have told him over and over to shut. Second, there's pee on the rim. (Hurray...he did lift the seat!). And finally the trash has pee in it. Not the "oh, I wasn't paying attention and peed a little in that direction kind". The kind that saturates all the tissue and paper that's in the trash. Mom was NOT HAPPY and in a hurry. T asked if I'm going to spank him. I don't spank that often but once reminded thought it was a fine idea. To all those none spanking parents, sorry...but really, piss in the trash can? A LOT of it too. So, I give him a few swats...nothing hard. And he says, "Oh...that didn't hurt at all" with a smile on his face. I turned and gave him "The Look" and the smile vanished. I should of started with "The Look", it's much more affective.

On the way to school, he promised to never do it again while claiming he didn't know why he did it. Ummm hummm. Just like the time he peed all over the bathroom rug. Yes, it did make the rug have cool little spots all over it. I think there may have been a time when he peed in the sink...I just couldn't prove it. Pee really does piss me off!