Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Bad!

Yes, I'm a bad blogger. Waiting this long to Blog. So sorry! We did have a busy Labor Day weekend. We usually go out to the lake, but because of me traveling a lot this month, we decided to stick closer to home. Had a great time chilling with some in town folks. Might have to skip the lake next year too. So, today I head out to the great state of Minnesota. As most people that don't live under a rock know...Delta is merging with Northwest. All of us Delta Drink Ladies/Gentlemen must go to training on 4 of their airplanes that we don't have. Me and my "Mommy Brain" will try to remember all the important parts and pass each test with an 85. If I was smart, I'd be more worried than I am. I'm going with two of my friends which should ease the pain. One is checking her suitcase, so she can fill it with wine for us. Damn, I love her.

Out of the 4 planes we are training on, three are Airbuses. Ya want to know what I know about the Airbus? It crashes. If I'm correct, one crashed in Queens NY right after 9-11 and the one headed to France from South America a few months ago. I have zero desire to work on one. Hummm...I wonder why? The other is a 747 that holds an ungodly number of passengers. Close to 400. That doesn't sound appealing either, well unless it's going to some fabulous location that I just have to see. Still not working an Airbus though.

I think I'm going to really miss my boys. As much as I bitch and complain about pee pee in the trash can and getting up at night, I sure am gonna be sad when I leave. I'll just have to keep remembering the day after I get back, we'll be spending 12 hours in the car driving to Destin. Bet I'll be over the missing by the time we get to Mississippi.

Well, until we meet again! As the singer Steve Miller says, "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."!

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