Monday, September 21, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

So take off all your clothes!!!! That song keeps running thru my head cause I'm hot as hell. I've been cleaning cleaning cleaning! Got home yesterday from Destin. I'd been forewarned by my Sister (the cat sitter) that my little pissers were doing their job like expected. For those who haven't read earlier posts, I have two pissy (and poopy) cats. They get especially bad when we're gone. Sister kept the poop picked up and did her best to wipe up the pee, but the smell still lingers. Tonight we're having friends over for dinner. We're meeting the guys fiancee from Germany and I don't want her think we're nasty Americans that let their cats urinate everywhere. Even though, I guess we do. But can you really keep a cat from peeing? Besides sewing his butt up or locking him in a cage?

My Mother likes to harass my Sister because years ago she was taking care of our 18 year old cat while I was at college and Mom was outta town. She walks in and finds the cat dead. Hey, the cat was 18!!! The funny part or you might think sick part is the message she left on my answering machine. "Hey Niki, just wanted you to know I found Pepper dead in Mother's hallway". If that wasn't a bad enough message about a beloved pet, she added, "Oh...she must of been dead for a while cause she was hard". WTH? A few weeks ago, once again Sister is looking after Mother's cats. She walks in and finds one that won't lift her head and is lethargic. She calls me frantic because she knows Mom will freak out and mention it for the rest of her life if the cat dies. Sister takes the cat to the vet, it gets an I.V. drip and all is well. Nothing wrong with the cat...just a little depressed. Weird damn cat! Now my Mom "jokes" about sister being the cat killer. Now I "joke" if she kills my cats that we'll throw her a big party. I'm joking...I think.


Chief said...

heh...I was on vacation when I was 19 and my mom called to tell me she pout our dogs down. She said she wanted to do it while I was gone. I know why Im medicated

Missy said...

cat pee = not good

That 100 followers blog giveaway started this morning, thought you might like to know.