Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Pee pisses me off. So, this morning I'm getting ready as fast as I can to take Mr. T to Preschool. Before we leave, I tell him 3-4 times to go to the bathroom. Before having kids, I never dreamed I'd have to repeat myself all the time. I thought I'd save that til I was old and told the same stories over and over again. But no....I say the same thing over and over again every damn day. Can you tell it wears on me? Anyhow, T goes to the bathroom and before he can turn the light off and run out, I walk in and catch him red handed. First, the toilet seat is up which I have told him over and over to shut. Second, there's pee on the rim. (Hurray...he did lift the seat!). And finally the trash has pee in it. Not the "oh, I wasn't paying attention and peed a little in that direction kind". The kind that saturates all the tissue and paper that's in the trash. Mom was NOT HAPPY and in a hurry. T asked if I'm going to spank him. I don't spank that often but once reminded thought it was a fine idea. To all those none spanking parents, sorry...but really, piss in the trash can? A LOT of it too. So, I give him a few swats...nothing hard. And he says, "Oh...that didn't hurt at all" with a smile on his face. I turned and gave him "The Look" and the smile vanished. I should of started with "The Look", it's much more affective.

On the way to school, he promised to never do it again while claiming he didn't know why he did it. Ummm hummm. Just like the time he peed all over the bathroom rug. Yes, it did make the rug have cool little spots all over it. I think there may have been a time when he peed in the sink...I just couldn't prove it. Pee really does piss me off!


Chief said... my kid peed in the corner of his closet and continued to do so before I finally found it. I smelled it and completely emptied the room and shampooed the carpets, thinking the dogs were pissing in it...never thinking to check the closet. THE CLOSET!!! Yeah he said he didn't want to walk to the bathroom at night so HE PISSED IN THE CORNER OF THE CLOSET!

Sorry to trump your trash can story, but I freakin' win!!! (phew! I never thought that nightmare would acutally rear it's ugly head again. It's been 8 years and I am still not over it. I need a drink)

The Grounded Drink Lady said... I'm rolling on the floor laughing! Your killing me!!!! You win!!!!! Thank God!