Saturday, January 16, 2010 my first award from Adventures of a Middle Age Drama Queen! Thank you so much! She is the best! If you haven't checked out her blog...go do it! She is awesome! Who else volunteers for the Red Cross and goes to help out in horrible tragedy? I can't imagine! Today the Drama Queen posted 7 things you might not know about me. I thought I'd join in!

Here goes!

1. I smell really. My Husb makes fun of me. I just can't seem to help it. I think it runs in the family cause my Sister does it and I just noticed T does it too. Ain't that cute?

2. I love love love boiled crawfish. I could eat it 5 times a week when it's in season. Years ago I dated a guy that introduced me to crawfish. When I met the Husb, he was a manager/bartender at my favorite Cajun restaurant.

3. Everyday when I dry my hair, I flip my hair over and dry it underneath. I close my eyes and day dream that I'm in some fancy hotel on the beach. (OK, I don't always day dream...but it's so nice to just hear the hum of the hairdryer instead of the shrieks of children. It takes me to far away places.)

4. My sister and I own a 375 acre farm in southwest Missouri. Our Grandparents left it to us. We have no plans to sell. Love it there.

5. I silently stress out about money. It doesn't seem to be a problem but I'd like to have all the bills payed off and a few million in the bank.

6. I adore my boys. (All three!) I don't know what I would do with a prissy little girl. I am blessed to have them. Never really thought about it, but I am so not a girly girl.

7. I collect old stained glass. It makes me happy. (I don't do antiques though!) All the windows in the house except 2 have some sort of stained glass in it. One of those two window is the kitchen window and I have all types of colored glass things hanging there. I've thought about putting another window in the dining room to get more light in the house...and put up more stained glass. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Did ya know day!

Did ya know that a sign that says, "Yield to Ramp" in the state of Texas means to slow the hell down and let the cars coming off the highway actually merge with traffic.

Did ya know that some baby's get the hiccups in the morning and then every hour after that all freaking day?

Did ya know that the only was to get said baby's hiccups to go away is give him something to drink.

Did ya know that Red Barron thin & crispy pizza is actually REALLY good! (Go for the three cheese..and isn't thin pizza less fattening? A girl can dream, can't she?)

Did ya know that if you light enough candles and spray enough air freshener the putrid smell of cat urine can barely be detected.

Did you know if you live with said cat urine for so long, your really just used to it and can't totally smell it anymore.

Did you know that Flight Attendants go thru a pain in the ass training every year to keep the flying public safe? And I thought all we did was serve drinks.

Did ya know that someone on a plane once asked a friend of mine why they didn't train us to work in turbulence. WTF?

Did you know that when you suck up a Lego with a vacuum that it makes a horrifying sound.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I meant to say!

It's Hiding From the Kids "What I meant to say Wednesdays!"

To the guys giving a bid to tile our floor. "Thank's so much for the bid, we'll let you know what we decide."

What I meant say. "Have you lost your damn mind? At that price, we could build an addition to the back of the freaking house!"

To the Husb after he took Mr. T to get his hair cut. "Thanks for taking T."

What I meant to say. "Did they even cut his hair? When you said trim it up did they take out scissors or anything? WTH?"

To the cats pissing on my carpet resulting in replacing the tile. "If you don't stop, I'm going to throw your furry ass outside FOREVER!!!!!"

Oh...that's what I meant to say! Fun!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can't do anything Tuesdays...

I'd love to do Supah's Post it Note Tuesday...but I have a whiny baby hanging on my leg. No time to figure out those dang post it's. Maybe later today. Mr. T has to be taken to the Doctor for a well child visit today. Just what I want to do, drag two well kids to a germ infested Doctors office. Hello, my name is Niki and I'm a Germophobic. So true, I even have antibacterial lotion in the cup holder of my car. Use it whenever I get in the car. I don't know how I am a flight attendant with all those nasty sick coughing people around. It's been so long since I've flown, I'm kinda thinking being a millionaire would be nice. Then I could give the finger to the big D and never go back. Awww but alas that damn health insurance thing looms over us. Must have it and even having a million might not be enough! ;) I "get " to go to training on the 24th. My neighbor said it would be nice to get out of town for a while. Yeah well, it would if I didn't have every spare second crammed with tests and drills. I need a vacation...alone. Sweet bliss it would be!

Could be worse, got a good friend that almost cut her finger off with a circular saw and my sister broke her wrist in several places. Life is loud but good here. Maybe I can get the wireless fixed on this computer and come up with an interesting post. We shall see!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dream State

So last night I'm having a dream/nightmare. Toward the end, I guess I started calling out in my sleep. The Husb put his hand on me telling me it was OK. That woke me up. I almost started laughing because of what I was dreaming about. Nawwww...just went back to sleep instead. When we woke up, I asked the Husb if I was talking in my sleep. He said "Yeah, I think you were having a dream about flying. You sounded like you were trying to evacuate an airplane by say, Go...get out...get out." Well, I wasn't, I actually was dreaming that someone had left a frozen turkey in a baby seat in some room. The turkey started flapping it's wings inside of the plastic. It then began chasing my sister and I. Then two file folders joined in. When the Husb woke me, I was telling the folders to get out. Saying it three times so it would work. I then was screaming Oh My God because the turkey was flapping it's way up the stairs to get us.

I often wonder what leads us to dream and what dreams mean. This puts a whole new spin on it. I must have an aversion to turkey after the holidays. Damn bird scared the hell out of me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Short Comings...

OK, so Wednesday was Hiding From the Kids "What I meant to say". This is my short coming...I don't know how to link her blog. I'm not sure how to grab the button and put it in my post. WTH? When I post pictures they are all cattywampas. I got some spam written in Chinese or something and "spammed" it on my e-mail and now I can't get my blog to send me notification that I got a comment, which means i can't respond. I accidentally downloaded some spy wear the other day and it took over my computer. It took the Husb no less then 2 years to get rid of it. It could of taken longer but I'm not sure cause I said f-it and went to bed.

Guess I jinxed myself while typing this yesterday. The computer froze up and I couldn't get back online. Somehow I have disabled my wireless connection. I'm now sitting in the baby's room hooked up to the wireless router. (His room used to be the office) The Husb was on the phone with the IT guy til 11pm last night trying to figure out what the hell I did. wasn't me...I swear!

Breaking News!

It's 24 degrees in Dallas. You'd think a blizzard had hit the city. Let me tell you about a little pet peeve of mine. All the Dallas News stations preempting the major networks to talk about the weather. At times this is necessary. We do have tornadoes pop up now and then. It's nice to be aware that one might be headed your way. Today we don't get to see any national news because it's cold here. That's it...cold...oh and windy, I can't forget that bone chilling wind. Thank God the news is on to tell us about it. I will say a few school districts north of here are closed because of a tiny bit of freezing rain. Well, the start of school has come and gone so you'd think they would stop talking about it. Nope. The "cold weather" report started at 4:30am this morning. It's now almost 10am. They loop over and over and over. Every news reporter they have are parked in every section of the city. Stop the madness. Please stop the f-ing madness.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Miss School!

Not my school...Mr. T's preschool. Good God...if that kid doesn't go back I may go postal. Love him with all my heart but we must stop the madness. Let's be frank shall we? Who in the hell home schools? Do you? Do you know anyone that does? Why do you or they? Why...why? Maybe if you live in the middle of no where. Or if perhaps if you live in the hood. But why???? These children must, I repeat, must go to school. I can't imagine never having "back to school" to look forward too. Those poor poor women. (Not to be sexist, or men) TV is not so good either. When do you exceed the daily limit? What IS the daily limit? 1 hour? 6 hours? The kid said today they he didn't want to go to school tomorrow. He wants to stay with me forever. BAHAHAHAHA! Not. Isn't that sweet? He is going to have a rude awakening in June when I go back to flying. Or better yet, Dad and babysitter are going to have one. Cause...well, I'll be flying. BAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, I feel better now. If this is the most I have to bitch about, I'm doing great. Just don't get me started on my pissing cats. I could go on for a year about them. BTW, we are getting a bid for putting in slate in the hallway. Why? Piss. That's all I'm gonna say. Oh...and it ain't human piss.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sundays before kids....

I used to be a BIG Sunday football watcher. The Husb and I even did our picks every Sunday morning. When T was born, we still watched. When he was about two, I printed out each teams logo and he would do his picks. He always loved the pirates....Tampa Bay and Oakland. T actually kicked our asses at times with his picks. Weird. So now with two kids, I'm lucky if I catch the entire Cowboys game. I say Cowboys because first, they are America's team. ;0 (No haters hahaha!) And second, I'm from Dallas...and well, they are the Dallas Cowboys. It's strange how little people change your habits that you thought were ingrained forever. I always watched the Today show when I wasn't working. Now I try to catch 10 minutes to make sure the world is intact and then it's off to Spongebob Land. I do know that in the end, I won't look back and say...I sure wish I watched more football. Building Lego's and kissing boo boos is where it's at. (Repeat to self..."They will take care of me in my old age!) Pretty soon "the boys" may just be insistent that sports are on. I better enjoy them now, farts, burps, snot and all!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010

I don't usually make New Year resolutions because I figure I won't keep them. This year I'm going to come up with a few and report back on how I've done.

First, to steal a post from a friend of mine on Facebook. My New Years resolution is to make 2010 my bitch. Hehe...that makes me laugh.

Here goes:
Lose some weight. (Like 75% of the country)
Be more patient.
Eat less calories so I can drink more wine.
Hang out with the people I love. Those that make me laugh til I pee.
Cook more. Yummy stuff, interesting stuff.
Keep up with the bills and laundry, oh and cleaning. Eew.
Dress more sassy.
Get the kid involved in some sort of sport/activity.
Read more.
Take time to spend with the Husb.
Clean up the cat peepee. (So love-hate relationship)
Do more creative stuff that I've always liked.
Reach out to others.
Be nice.
Have more fun.

Th at should do! Happy 2010 my friends!