Friday, January 15, 2010

Did ya know day!

Did ya know that a sign that says, "Yield to Ramp" in the state of Texas means to slow the hell down and let the cars coming off the highway actually merge with traffic.

Did ya know that some baby's get the hiccups in the morning and then every hour after that all freaking day?

Did ya know that the only was to get said baby's hiccups to go away is give him something to drink.

Did ya know that Red Barron thin & crispy pizza is actually REALLY good! (Go for the three cheese..and isn't thin pizza less fattening? A girl can dream, can't she?)

Did ya know that if you light enough candles and spray enough air freshener the putrid smell of cat urine can barely be detected.

Did you know if you live with said cat urine for so long, your really just used to it and can't totally smell it anymore.

Did you know that Flight Attendants go thru a pain in the ass training every year to keep the flying public safe? And I thought all we did was serve drinks.

Did ya know that someone on a plane once asked a friend of mine why they didn't train us to work in turbulence. WTF?

Did you know that when you suck up a Lego with a vacuum that it makes a horrifying sound.


Drama Queen said...

To damn funny.

Especially about the Lego. Um. Not that I've ever done that. Nope. Not with 7 kids. (Well - now we're down to 2 1/2. Thank God.)

Noelle said...

or socks. socks don't make the vacuum sound very good, either. not that i've ever done that or anything...

Drama Queen said...

Niki - there's something for you on my blog today - check it out - and congratulations....! THAT'S where the missing socks go! I've always wondered!

Paige said...

When you vacuum up pennies, they make that racket too.

You Texans do have a strange manner of interstate entry and exit

kys said...

LOL! I actually did know that about the Red Baron pizza and the legos. (Right now my living room is filled with abou 1,000 pieces that I would glady surrender a vacuum in order to get rid of them.)

L said...

Gotta try the candles for the cat urine smell. I have shampooed, sprayed, scrubbed, and dried the one spot on the carpet in my son's roo, so many times, trying to get that smell out, that if I do it again, there won't be any carpet or padding left...but I bet the cat urine smell will still be there! My son's stinky socks smell better than that little spot of old cat urine in his room!

Love your follower!