Monday, January 4, 2010

I Miss School!

Not my school...Mr. T's preschool. Good God...if that kid doesn't go back I may go postal. Love him with all my heart but we must stop the madness. Let's be frank shall we? Who in the hell home schools? Do you? Do you know anyone that does? Why do you or they? Why...why? Maybe if you live in the middle of no where. Or if perhaps if you live in the hood. But why???? These children must, I repeat, must go to school. I can't imagine never having "back to school" to look forward too. Those poor poor women. (Not to be sexist, or men) TV is not so good either. When do you exceed the daily limit? What IS the daily limit? 1 hour? 6 hours? The kid said today they he didn't want to go to school tomorrow. He wants to stay with me forever. BAHAHAHAHA! Not. Isn't that sweet? He is going to have a rude awakening in June when I go back to flying. Or better yet, Dad and babysitter are going to have one. Cause...well, I'll be flying. BAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, I feel better now. If this is the most I have to bitch about, I'm doing great. Just don't get me started on my pissing cats. I could go on for a year about them. BTW, we are getting a bid for putting in slate in the hallway. Why? Piss. That's all I'm gonna say. Oh...and it ain't human piss.


kys said...

Ditto what you said. It's snowing like a mofo here. If my kids are off school tomorrow I'm going to need some liquor and chocolate. Can't take one more day.

Noelle said...

i totally get what you're saying here. mine were home today because of the snow and again tomorrow. i was so ready for them to go back. sigh. flying sounds good right now...i'd like to go somewhere warm and tropical and kid-less.