Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dream State

So last night I'm having a dream/nightmare. Toward the end, I guess I started calling out in my sleep. The Husb put his hand on me telling me it was OK. That woke me up. I almost started laughing because of what I was dreaming about. Nawwww...just went back to sleep instead. When we woke up, I asked the Husb if I was talking in my sleep. He said "Yeah, I think you were having a dream about flying. You sounded like you were trying to evacuate an airplane by say, Go...get out...get out." Well, I wasn't, I actually was dreaming that someone had left a frozen turkey in a baby seat in some room. The turkey started flapping it's wings inside of the plastic. It then began chasing my sister and I. Then two file folders joined in. When the Husb woke me, I was telling the folders to get out. Saying it three times so it would work. I then was screaming Oh My God because the turkey was flapping it's way up the stairs to get us.

I often wonder what leads us to dream and what dreams mean. This puts a whole new spin on it. I must have an aversion to turkey after the holidays. Damn bird scared the hell out of me.


Paige said...

I talk in my sleep too. But I am sure it is wise to not tell people what I am talking about--good thing I usually do not even know I do it.

If I had a turkey coming after me in my dreams, I think my language would be more creative than yours was!

Mad Woman said...

Hahahaha!!!! That was awesome!

I came over from We Believe Blogs...I'll be back. I like it here.