Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010

I don't usually make New Year resolutions because I figure I won't keep them. This year I'm going to come up with a few and report back on how I've done.

First, to steal a post from a friend of mine on Facebook. My New Years resolution is to make 2010 my bitch. Hehe...that makes me laugh.

Here goes:
Lose some weight. (Like 75% of the country)
Be more patient.
Eat less calories so I can drink more wine.
Hang out with the people I love. Those that make me laugh til I pee.
Cook more. Yummy stuff, interesting stuff.
Keep up with the bills and laundry, oh and cleaning. Eew.
Dress more sassy.
Get the kid involved in some sort of sport/activity.
Read more.
Take time to spend with the Husb.
Clean up the cat peepee. (So love-hate relationship)
Do more creative stuff that I've always liked.
Reach out to others.
Be nice.
Have more fun.

Th at should do! Happy 2010 my friends!


Drama Queen said...

Good list! And good luck!

Have a very happy New Year, my blogging-world friend!

Anonymous said...

i definitely need to dress more sassy--fleece and yoga pants really kind of suck.

happy new year!

Chief said...

I came and read your resolutions anyway cuz Im supportive like that!

Good luck with yours! Im rooting for you!

Noelle said...

how, exactly, does one dress sassy? just curious...

i didn't make resolutions because i never do but i have a really long list me ME-shit to deal with. not because it's a new year's resolution, but just because it's time.