Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Short Comings...

OK, so Wednesday was Hiding From the Kids "What I meant to say". This is my short coming...I don't know how to link her blog. I'm not sure how to grab the button and put it in my post. WTH? When I post pictures they are all cattywampas. I got some spam written in Chinese or something and "spammed" it on my e-mail and now I can't get my blog to send me notification that I got a comment, which means i can't respond. I accidentally downloaded some spy wear the other day and it took over my computer. It took the Husb no less then 2 years to get rid of it. It could of taken longer but I'm not sure cause I said f-it and went to bed.

Guess I jinxed myself while typing this yesterday. The computer froze up and I couldn't get back online. Somehow I have disabled my wireless connection. I'm now sitting in the baby's room hooked up to the wireless router. (His room used to be the office) The Husb was on the phone with the IT guy til 11pm last night trying to figure out what the hell I did. wasn't me...I swear!


Noelle said...

yikes! that will make for a grumpy day. and husband.

good luck...i've had days like that and they aren't pretty.

kys said...

I have been there, friend. I computer illiterate. My 10 yr. old saves my butt time and time again with techy things.

For the linky thing highlight the blog name and click on link. Then you cut and paste the link from the top of that blogs' page in the space that will appear before you. Does that make sense?