Monday, July 27, 2009

Where does time go?

I haven't posted in almost a week. I must be a busy busy person! Ha, not. Went to the Dallas Farmers Market yesterday. I guess I just assumed the Husb knew the drill. First, we missed the exit. So I asked if he was taking the long way around. Then he misses the turn to shed 1 where all the local stuff is. So, I ask where he was going and get "the look" . Then he turns in a parking area behind shed 1 and I ask again where he's going. I guess I ticked off Mr. Cool as a Cucumber because he puts it in reverse and skids outta the parking lot. We end up parking a few Sheds over from Shed 1. Once we get outta the car and get the stroller out, I ask if he just wants to go home. He looks at me like I've lost my mind. I then tell him the reason why I like to park under Shed 1 is so when you fill up the stroller with veggies, you can drop them off at the car. He then gets REALLY irked and tells me to meet him at Shed 1. Now, we've been to the Farmers Market several times. I just assumed he was with me on the parking. Guess I could of mentioned that before we got down there. Oops...sorry.

The Dallas Farmers Market, in my opinion, is one more fine example of how the City of Dallas could screw up a rock fight. Not only is the stadium for THE Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, the City didn't even put up a fight for it. How 'bout them Arlington Cowboys? What about this bridge to No Where that will cost a trillion dollars? Can't wait to see the beautiful parks beneaath it. Too bad they will flood everytime it rains. Yes, it is called a flood plain for a reason. Now, back to the Farmer's Market. If some people would of had their way several years ago the vendors would of had to stop with their samples. You know, when the guy with the pocket knife cuts off a piece of canolope or watermellow for you to try. If you think it's unsanitary...just say no. Now they've taken the cool shed with all the furniture and individual vendors and enclosed it. Great it's air conditioned. Love it. Now why isn't that working? Well, last year the furniture people said they were told they had to move. So they just went back to having one store, in Ft. Worth I think. The lovely shed with the A/C must be pretty expensive because there were a total of 6 vendors. One was closed. It wasn't a quarter occupied. So sad. I'm hoping it's because it's summer. But like I said before, The City of Dallas could screw up a rock fight.

I wonder if I can really complain. I live in Dallas County, but the City of Richardson. I can't vote in Dallas County....I don't have a say. Guess I better quit my bitching. We did get some yummy fruit and great dried pasta. T's favorite part was the guy that made balloon animals. He made T a dinosaur. Looks like a dog with lots of round white teeth. Pretty cute. Got a picture. Don't know how to get it from my phone to this site though. Sorry. The Husb even had me take a picture of the balloon guy and T. The thing is, Balloon Guy didn't have any front teeth. I didn't really take a picture. Oops.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things that make you say...Hummm

I love getting hand me downs. For the 4 year old, I get stuff from my cousin and also from a friend. This friend is actually my sisters ex-boyfriend from college. (That in itself might make you go...hummmm!) So, sister has a box of stuff from friend and leaves it in our garage while we're outta town. It was swallowed in the pit of hell so I didn't notice it until I was told where it was left. Word to the wise, never go thru a box of winter clothes in the summertime while a four year old is watching. I am now the proud parent of a kid that wears cowboy boots everyday with shorts. Without sock....hummmm!

We've lived in our house for about 11 years. We are in an older neighborhood and have young families as well as older people that have lived here for 30+ years. Our block captain is an interesting lady. If I was to guess, she has been here 30+. Another neighbor was trying to identify who I was talking about and said, "Oh, you mean the lady that smokes when she walks." Yep, that's the one. Hummmm... So this lady and her husband like to sit in their front room and look outside. Everyday they throw bread crumbs...A LOT of bread crumbs in the middle of the street. I'm not sure what they are thinking. Do they do it because they like to look at the numerous birds and squirrels that the middle of the street? Do they do it because they want to slow down drivers? Do they do it so they can watch the drivers mow down innocent animals? Do they do it to piss off the neighbors? Hummmm... I gotta add that I have never hit a bird or squirrel. I have also spoken sharply to the Husb to slow the hell down so he doesn't kill an animal. My neighbor across the street has however only lived in the neighborhood a couple of years and just might not of gotten use to these street obstacles. That resulted in him hitting a dove a couple of months ago. Poor guy felt so bad he took it to the vet. Never did ask what happened to it. This whole thing makes me wonder if this couple is sitting in their front room snickering as people slam on their brakes and swear. Hummmm....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Saturday night...

It's Saturday night you know where your husband is? Mine just headed off to poker. Yes, at 9:47. He stayed around to put the kids to bed and watch a little Ace of Cakes with me and then headed out. Ok, I must be old old old, cause I can't think of anything besides cake that would get me to leave the house and start my night this late. I remember in college this is when we actually went out. I'm so over that! Now, I'm glad the Husb went. It's good that he gets out and has fun...for a couple of reasons. First, he really needs to chill. He works hard and deserves down time. There also is a chance he'll came home with a little extra $. Maybe not a ton since I heard my BF's husband will be there. He kicks butt at poker and doesn't take names. The guy is also lucky, wins actual money on scratch offs. Who does that? The second reason it's good the Husb gets out is cause I can always use the, "Hey, you always go to poker" argument. Truthfully, I never have to though. I'm married to Mr. Layed Back, it takes A LOT to get me going. Nice since I'm Mrs. Don't Even...

The Husb has been quite happy today. He just got a new gas smoker we ordered for his birthday. Pretty sweet, I'll have to say. Family gave him gift certificates which paid for most of it...or so I thought. Ya know when you get something new, you HAVE to get all the accessories. I haven't mentioned it before, but I am a pampered wife. I can cook. I don't have to cook. When I met the Husb, he was restaurant manager. He can cook just about anything, just the way you like it. Kinda ruins going to restaurants sometimes. Why spend the $ when his is better? A friend once told me he hoped we never broke up cause he wouldn't know what side to pick. This coming from a guy I've known 10 years longer than my husband. He's that good a cook!!! Tomorrow The Husb is breaking in the new smoker with a 10lb pork butt. Yummm...pulled pork sandwiches! We also have been privileged to get a friends Spicy Mustard Sauce recipe. It's so good, you'll slap your Momma. I just might since we invited her and my sister's family over. (I sometimes feel like slapp'in family members..bahahahaha. If your a family member and reading this, I'm not talking about you!) You gotta love family, oh and smoked pork....chicken...ribs. That's what we're having this week! Weehee!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

People are....

People are not very smart. Ok, I'll just say it. People are stupid. They do stupid things that are not thought out. So today, I'm cruising thru Facebook. One of my favorite past times. I like seeing what the heck everyone else does all day. Some people tell you all their problems which makes you thankful for your little ones. Also makes ya wonder why they tell all. I certainly wouldn't. I've been told that I say everything I feel. What a load of crap. If I even said 75% of what I thought I wouldn't be on speaking terms with several people. I'm not saying I'm perfect. FAR from it, but damn, I do have some common sense and not a ton of patience for those that don't. Anyho, I'm cruising thru FB and I see that a "friend" from high school...I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't know her if I saw her. But like I was saying, I see this friend has posted some pictures. So even though I don't really know her, I start clicking thru them. I come across this one picture of a kid in a booster seat sitting next to a teenager that is holding another kid. Now here comes the stupid part. The teen has the seat belt around her and the kid. WTH? I'm sorry if you've ever done this, but yes, I'm calling you stupid. I can't tell you the number of times on the airplane that I have had to tell people not to put the seat belt around both them and their lap child. They look at you like you've lost your mind. WHAT? And why wouldn't I want to protect my child from turbulence? Because, imagine slamming the brakes on in a car. Ya know how that seat belt cuts into you when you stop? How about the weight of your body cutting kiddlet in half. OHHHHHHHH....eye's get really big as they rip that belt off. Moral of my story...I realize kids suck your brain out. I am a victim, but lets use some common sense.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's the little things!

This summer we have scheduled 8 swim lessons for T. Everyday this week I get to load up the baby and kid at 10:30 and head out. As you know, it's hot as hell and we have to get them over with early, hence the time. My favorite part of this whole routine is putting the baby in his car seat. We keep the seat on top of the dryer. Can't keep it anywhere else cause the damn cats will pee in it. ( I believe I've mentioned my cats behavior problems. Might of skipped the part about not being able to leave ANYTHING on floor. Well, maybe some things are ok. Like mine and the kids flip flops. Found out a few months ago a cat had an issue with the Huzbs. Nothing like a man cussing because he slipped his feet in cat peed shoes. I always use caution.) Anyhow, I always put something in the baby carrier because said cats have been known to get on the dryer and piss on things there. I've been putting the box of dryer sheets right on the inside edge of the carseat and then I pull the sun shade all the way down. I then balance the carrier on the edge of the dryer so if a cat attempts to pee, he'll bust his ass. Kinda like a cat boobie trap. Speaking of boobie traps, in the past we've had problems with a cat getting on the counter while we're outta town and unrolling the paper towels. We then get home to half the paper towels unrolled and piss all over that and the counter. The cat in question started doing this while we were home. The Husb decided to set up a boobie trap by taking packing tape and putting it sticky side up on the counter. We really knew which one was doing it. Or so we thought. For years I'd been sticking Emerson's nose in pee and spanking him. (Obviously doesn't work) and low and behold it was the other damn cat doing it. And I thought all Junior (2nd cat) did was shit in the corner. I can't describe the guilt....until I remembered Emerson pees in plants.

Now what was the point to this story? It makes me really happy when I put the baby in his car seat, cause it smells like dryer sheets. Just like freshly washed clothes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool it!

I've decided I'm delusional. I actually thought there was a slim possibility that I wouldn't have to participate in ice skating yesterday. Why I thought they let people on the ice in flip flops is also beyond me. After putting skates on T and the Niece I figured out really quickly that he was going NO WHERE! I got him on the ice and he froze. Excuse the pun. Poor guy looked at me thru the plexiglass like he was gonna cry. Crap, crap, crap. I marched my happy ass up to the counter, paid my $4 and got a pair of skates. Just as I was finished putting them on, I hear familiar laugher. Yes, a good friend thought it was quite funny that I was having to skate. It was really funny til I informed her there wasn't a chance in hell that her 4 year was gonna hop on the ice like Mike Modano. Hehe...she skated too. I'm really proud of both of us. We did quite well and didn't even embarrass ourselves! (Or better yet, hurt ourselves!) The kids did ok too. Of course today my arm is killing me from yanking the kid up off the ice over and over and over again. That was one of the longest hour and a half of my life. I'll admit it was kinda fun, blisters and all! Oh and I got to wear a jacket when it was 103 degrees outside. Cool.

Apparently Brad did indeed call yesterday. I must of been in the shower. By the time Husb got home and called him back, he was already in Flower Mound and couldn't come by. The Husb sprayed himself and it looks like between removing the plants and that, the ants have vacated. We don't need no stink'in Brad!

I just read on Yahoo that the Union that represents Northwest Flight Attendants, (now Delta since we merged.) are bitching because the hideous red dress only goes up to a size 18. The rest of the uniform piece go up to size 28. Are you freaking kidding me? 28? I am by NO means a small girl...but we have flight attendants that are a 28? How in the hell do they fit in the jumpseat???? You can't use a seatbelt extension either. I will admit I sat by a girl once that only had the shoulder harness on. I'm guessing she couldn't get the seatbelt part fastened. I didn't say anything. I know in an emergency that would be no good. But really, how do you approach that? Anyhow once we're totally merged we will again have to vote on the Union. I once again will vote NO. I think and Delta is claiming they are only bring this up to stir the pot before the election. I'll have to say, some people do look nice in the red dress. Most do not. I'm not a size 8 and wouldn't dream of wearing it. It also sticks out and everyone thinks your in charge. I'd rather nobody speak to me unless spoken too. I just can't imagine why a large lady would want to wear something only a size 4 looks really good in. Propaganda I say! BTW for those who don't know, I'm an original Delta drink lady and am loyal. (Even when I feel their screwing me's like family, you forgive cause when it comes down to it, it's a cool job.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ok, I just noticed the Google ad on my page is advertising for Pest Control..."Ants bothering you?" LMAO!!!! Maybe I need to start posting about other things. Dang, that's funny.

Random thoughts...

Brad (pest control guy) is SUPPOSE to come out today. Haven't heard from him. Seems like vacuuming the flying ants worked. Also looks like my plants on the kitchen window seal just might have been a home for them. Oops, my bad. I put the plants outside and now we only have a few ants.

I think the Husb has been living in a cave. I found out yesterday that he'd never been to Ikea. Are you kidding me? How can you never have gone to Ikea? Mr. Daredevil has spent the last two days going to the movies with Grandmother & Cousins. (Halleuah!) So after lunch, Baby, Husb and I went to Ikea. His comment about it was it's like it own self contained amusement park. There was even a family laying on one of the bed video taping. Just like Disney World...or the Zoo...weird. I think you can drop the kids off in the play area for 2 hours. I've made plans with friends to do just that and use the entire 2 hours. Sad, I know. We don't even have shopping to do. Hey, it's freaking hot outside and this is free. Too bad they don't serve beer.

Today we are headed to the Stars Center for an Ice skating party. Brilliant idea in this heat. My biggest hope is Mr. D can figure out how to skate and I can sit on the sidelines and gossip. I really really don't want to have to slide around on the ice in flip flops trying to help. Happy to say the Husb is hanging with baby so I have one less thing to worry about. Give me another Halleuah!

(Side note: my spelling truly sucks. How come spell check doesn't have the word Halleuah? Is it spelled so wrong that there is absolutely no recognition?)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ants Go Marching One by One..

Happy to say Brad has finally been called. Our nice tiny black ants in the kitchen have sprouted wings. I also think we have some sort of poltergeist going on in the kitchen. We just replaced two of the can light bulbs for the second time and both went out within a day of each other. Some very strange sounds were coming from the lights before the"event". It's either a pissed off ghost OR perhaps we have an ant infestation in the attic and they've gotten into the lights. Brad should let us know on Saturday. In the meantime Brad told us to vacuum the bunches of winged ants that congregate along the edge of the ceiling. Last night when going into the garage to get the mini vac, I was accosted by a turtle size roach. No doubt one Brad left from his last visit. When just talking out loud, (because I really don't want an answer) I wondered if Brad was going to try and charge us for the next visit. The Husb said well why wouldn't he? BECAUSE we paid him $140 for jack shit perhaps? I better stick around on Saturday, less we be screwed yet again.

Monday, July 6, 2009

No, I will not...

So when you go to the doctors office can you tell them you won't be weighing today? I really hate that one part. (Oh and every other part too...lets be honest.) Anyhow, went to the Internist, wussed out and got on the scale. Not as bad as I thought. Up 6 pounds. I'll take it. All is well with the blood pressure. For those not aware, I had super duper kill ya kind of BP toward the end and right after my FINAL pregnancy. I didn't even get in trouble for discontinuing one of my meds! Yep, I think I know best and I guess I was right. Happy to say I don't have to return for another 3 months. I was instructed to lose 15-20 pounds. Hummm...

I've been thinking about how to "off" my two cats. Yes, they were once my "babies", but now that I have real babies and the cats are pissing and shitting all over the house, I'm about done. (Wow, look at that run on sentence. Yikes.) I often wonder if it really works to spank a cat. I caught Emerson pissing in a plant the other day and gave him a good of couple wacks. I'm not usually violent...but damn this house smells like cat piss and I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! My sister came in the other day and said my house smelled like our Grandmother's. (She had no cats) She said it smelled musty. Duh, smell a little harder. It's called piss. She said it doesn't usually smell. Ya think? Every time someone comes over I light candles and scrub the floor. God forbid I get a drop in. Which I HATE! We actually ripped up the bedroom carpet last year and painted the floor. All because of piss. One can only use so much Lysol Cleaner. I guess my first babies will have to stay. They are 13, so I only have what....another 5 years? Shit. And piss.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kids kids everywhere!

Yep, just got back from the lake again. Sounds like we're there all the time...we're not, I just don't have a ton going on I guess. In other words, my life is rather boring. Damn there were a lot of kids out there this weekend! They seemed to travel in a herd. The best part (I'm a horrible Mother) was when they all went over to the neighbors. It's got to be the slide...they have a slide!!! Ok, the Mom also does Jetski rides while 17 year old brother launches the kids into the water. I even heard that my sweet T (4) was the top tier on a four man pyramid. Be still my heart!!! That boy was Mr. Daredevil! He'd fly thru the air, hop on a Jetski and flip off the dock all with a big grin on his face. That's Mama's boy! Worst part...when all the kids come in for lunch. It's like a freaking feeding frinzy. Animals I say!

The weather was once again hot as hell. Nothing like a baby laying on you when you have sweat rolling down your back. The beer was cold cold cold! Yum-me! Each 4th of July, I wonder what the husbands really spend on the fireworks. I don't REALLY want to know cause it might tick me off. I've heard rumor that last year it topped $600. WTH? They are a bunch of little kids out there, lining up the big boxes of bang. They even use dynamite cord to set the whole thing off. Yikes, wondering when they burn down the boat house!!! But dang they were awesome this year. Sister, BIL and nephew hadn't been down before and were quite surprised and impressed by the display. Mr. Daredevil however was beyond afraid of the noise. Awwww...he does have fears! Poor guy...enjoyed watching it from inside. I must admit that it was quite nice in the 78 degree house. Thanks kid!