Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ants Go Marching One by One..

Happy to say Brad has finally been called. Our nice tiny black ants in the kitchen have sprouted wings. I also think we have some sort of poltergeist going on in the kitchen. We just replaced two of the can light bulbs for the second time and both went out within a day of each other. Some very strange sounds were coming from the lights before the"event". It's either a pissed off ghost OR perhaps we have an ant infestation in the attic and they've gotten into the lights. Brad should let us know on Saturday. In the meantime Brad told us to vacuum the bunches of winged ants that congregate along the edge of the ceiling. Last night when going into the garage to get the mini vac, I was accosted by a turtle size roach. No doubt one Brad left from his last visit. When just talking out loud, (because I really don't want an answer) I wondered if Brad was going to try and charge us for the next visit. The Husb said well why wouldn't he? BECAUSE we paid him $140 for jack shit perhaps? I better stick around on Saturday, less we be screwed yet again.

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