Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's the little things!

This summer we have scheduled 8 swim lessons for T. Everyday this week I get to load up the baby and kid at 10:30 and head out. As you know, it's hot as hell and we have to get them over with early, hence the time. My favorite part of this whole routine is putting the baby in his car seat. We keep the seat on top of the dryer. Can't keep it anywhere else cause the damn cats will pee in it. ( I believe I've mentioned my cats behavior problems. Might of skipped the part about not being able to leave ANYTHING on floor. Well, maybe some things are ok. Like mine and the kids flip flops. Found out a few months ago a cat had an issue with the Huzbs. Nothing like a man cussing because he slipped his feet in cat peed shoes. I always use caution.) Anyhow, I always put something in the baby carrier because said cats have been known to get on the dryer and piss on things there. I've been putting the box of dryer sheets right on the inside edge of the carseat and then I pull the sun shade all the way down. I then balance the carrier on the edge of the dryer so if a cat attempts to pee, he'll bust his ass. Kinda like a cat boobie trap. Speaking of boobie traps, in the past we've had problems with a cat getting on the counter while we're outta town and unrolling the paper towels. We then get home to half the paper towels unrolled and piss all over that and the counter. The cat in question started doing this while we were home. The Husb decided to set up a boobie trap by taking packing tape and putting it sticky side up on the counter. We really knew which one was doing it. Or so we thought. For years I'd been sticking Emerson's nose in pee and spanking him. (Obviously doesn't work) and low and behold it was the other damn cat doing it. And I thought all Junior (2nd cat) did was shit in the corner. I can't describe the guilt....until I remembered Emerson pees in plants.

Now what was the point to this story? It makes me really happy when I put the baby in his car seat, cause it smells like dryer sheets. Just like freshly washed clothes.


The Half Assed Housewife said...

Too funny. This is one of the many reasons I don't like cats!

Paige said...

Me too,

Although the idea of cat boobie traps kind of makes me happy

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

I think I just like saying the word "boobie"...hehe, that kinda makes me happy!