Monday, July 27, 2009

Where does time go?

I haven't posted in almost a week. I must be a busy busy person! Ha, not. Went to the Dallas Farmers Market yesterday. I guess I just assumed the Husb knew the drill. First, we missed the exit. So I asked if he was taking the long way around. Then he misses the turn to shed 1 where all the local stuff is. So, I ask where he was going and get "the look" . Then he turns in a parking area behind shed 1 and I ask again where he's going. I guess I ticked off Mr. Cool as a Cucumber because he puts it in reverse and skids outta the parking lot. We end up parking a few Sheds over from Shed 1. Once we get outta the car and get the stroller out, I ask if he just wants to go home. He looks at me like I've lost my mind. I then tell him the reason why I like to park under Shed 1 is so when you fill up the stroller with veggies, you can drop them off at the car. He then gets REALLY irked and tells me to meet him at Shed 1. Now, we've been to the Farmers Market several times. I just assumed he was with me on the parking. Guess I could of mentioned that before we got down there. Oops...sorry.

The Dallas Farmers Market, in my opinion, is one more fine example of how the City of Dallas could screw up a rock fight. Not only is the stadium for THE Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, the City didn't even put up a fight for it. How 'bout them Arlington Cowboys? What about this bridge to No Where that will cost a trillion dollars? Can't wait to see the beautiful parks beneaath it. Too bad they will flood everytime it rains. Yes, it is called a flood plain for a reason. Now, back to the Farmer's Market. If some people would of had their way several years ago the vendors would of had to stop with their samples. You know, when the guy with the pocket knife cuts off a piece of canolope or watermellow for you to try. If you think it's unsanitary...just say no. Now they've taken the cool shed with all the furniture and individual vendors and enclosed it. Great it's air conditioned. Love it. Now why isn't that working? Well, last year the furniture people said they were told they had to move. So they just went back to having one store, in Ft. Worth I think. The lovely shed with the A/C must be pretty expensive because there were a total of 6 vendors. One was closed. It wasn't a quarter occupied. So sad. I'm hoping it's because it's summer. But like I said before, The City of Dallas could screw up a rock fight.

I wonder if I can really complain. I live in Dallas County, but the City of Richardson. I can't vote in Dallas County....I don't have a say. Guess I better quit my bitching. We did get some yummy fruit and great dried pasta. T's favorite part was the guy that made balloon animals. He made T a dinosaur. Looks like a dog with lots of round white teeth. Pretty cute. Got a picture. Don't know how to get it from my phone to this site though. Sorry. The Husb even had me take a picture of the balloon guy and T. The thing is, Balloon Guy didn't have any front teeth. I didn't really take a picture. Oops.

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