Saturday, August 1, 2009

When life gives you lemons!

When life gives you lemons, sale lemonade! Got a call from my sister today. Two of her kids had set up a lemonade stand and they wanted us to join them. One of my fondest childhood memories was selling lemonade. Our house backed up to a street that was quite busy. I must of been about 10...surely my Mother wouldn't let my friend and I sale lemonade by ourselves if we were younger. Would she? Those were the days we just took off and came home before dinner. Mom "kinda" knew where we were. Man, we used to go FAR. No cell phone, no real idea where we were. Bazaar in this day and age of paranoia that we were able to do that no questions asked. Anyhow, one day my friend Kristin and I were back on the busy street selling away when a school bus stopped. I almost peed pants I was so excited. The bus driver bought all the kids on the bus a glass. Now it couldn't of been more then 4-5 kids...but it was awesome. I just remember being REALLY happy. So, today I get the call and can't get out of the door fast enough. There are a few reasons for that. My wonderful childhood memory, the Huzb was working, and my guilt level for letting T watch Spongebob yet again was ultra high. Ok, we had nothing better to do and were bored to tears. My Nephew is 12 and one smart kid. He had the cute 8 year old jumping around with the sign while he served up the lemonade. Come to find out, he thought it would be a great idea to have little 4 year old T help attract the customers. The kids were planning to save $ for a few DS games. (Whatever those might be!) 12 year old was right on. Tons of cars stopped. T yelled and screamed "Gum...gum...gum...lemonade!" Until we screamed at him to stop screaming! (My nerves are shot). My Father was quite the salesman. He could sell anything. T must of inherited that trait. On the way over there I asked if he wanted some money to buy lemonade. He said "Yes, but I'll be selling these". He holds up a container of gum. People actually bought gum for 25 cents each. He could of made a killing but alas he chewed all his product. The kids did a great job making about $15. Not half bad for an hours worth of work. Maybe I should get into lemonade and gum sales for a little mad money. ;)

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Emi said...

What a fun summer activity. It'll be fun when my 15-month old is older and we can do things like that. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

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