Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Mommy! ;)

Some would say that rejoicing in the fact that your child is going back to school makes you a bad Mommy. I beg to disagree. Today we went to meet T's preschool teachers. School starts Wednesday. I'm more excited than the kid. Three teachers this year. Guess that means three teacher gifts whenever teacher gifts are called for. Lovely. Before having Poppy, I assumed I'd go back to flying starting in July, so I registered the kid for 5 days a week thinking it would make childcare easier and I wouldn't have to fly every weekend. My social life gets in the way of working ya know. (Wink...wink!) Once I was granted the year leave, I started feeling guilty. Does he REALLY need to be in preschool 5 days a week? If he is, it's only 9-12. Do you have any idea how fast those three hours fly by? Drop the kid off, do a few things and then it's "Oh, crap...gotta pick the kid up". I tried to get him in the 3 day class and then I'd leave him in 9-2pm. Nope...of course it was full. Now after going to the school I remembered a few things. First, he really loves people. Second, I really love the 9-2 thing. So I'm sucking it up and paying some extra on Tuesday & Thursday. those will be my days for Lady's Who Lunch. (Mom's who get together kidless...ok, we have included a guy friend that doesn't have kids and is layed off. We're not exclusive and don't always talk about BM's and Elementary School. He says it's fun...I think he just might be really really bored. Maybe I'm wrong cause put us all together and we're pretty damn funny.) Can't forget...I do bring Poppy along. He doesn't ask for much and is really cute.

I just can't wait til a little of my sanity comes back. Whoever said "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy" was on to something. I have a few friends, (you know who you are) who think I'm all cool and collected. Hardy har har! I got you fooled. Poppy is old enough now that I don't think I can blame postpartum hormones for my insanity! I love my kids with all my heart, I'm just not used to being on call 24/7. I forgot how much I enjoyed flying away and coming back. Coming back was always the best part. You miss them so much and appreciate all the little things, and they appreciate all the little things you do. I will admit, I always bring home something cool and exciting from Europe too. Love the shopping....alone! I asked the Husb today what he would do if I died. (Let me just quickly add...we just ate Mexican food...I ate so much I felt like I might die!) He responded, "I'd hunt you down and kill you". Now that's love! I'm feeling much better now. Took a quick cat nap while the kid was playing a Spongebob video game. I guess Mexican food can't kill you. Now I'm off to help with the making of Zubber army men. If you've never's quite fun and it takes points off the Bad Mommy chart!

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