Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

How do baby's get their feet dirty?

I love Sonic Vanilla Coke. I don't even want to know how many calories are in a large. I've cut back, I swear.

Who gets to pick the toys that go in kids meals? Can I have that job? McDonald's are the best, even though we hardly ever go there. (Thank God)

I have training in September for the new airplanes Delta is getting thru the Northwest merge. I wonder if I can make an 85 on all the test. I feel stupid after having these two kids and may actually have to study. Sure would be embarrassing to have to retake one.

My four year old says he doesn't love his baby brother & I have it on video. He's now in the baby's room playing with him. Hummm!

There are these guys that live a street over. They started landscaping their yard a month or so ago. I call it "The Less is More" house. I think they have used no less than 2 pallets of paving stones to build retaining walls, which are not needed. They recently added a metal arbor that goes over the side walk. Now they are digging a waist deep hole by the front of the house. There is a metal bridge sitting nearby. I think they are going for The Ugly Ass Yard of the Month award. They are well on their way. Boys...please stop!!!! Less really is more! I gotta get a picture to post. It's unbelievable.

I really like wine and am glad I'm not an alcoholic cause I like wine so much. (Don't have an addiction problem...that might help!)

I actually don't mind watching a little Spongebob now and then.

We went to the lake last Wednesday-Sunday. If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that my cats get pissy when we're gone. Literally. Last night while having dinner I could swear I smelled pee. I have been know to have a Bionic nose. I ask the Husb if he thinks the napkins smell like pee. He says no...but he can't smell worth a damn. I get up and get another napkin. (Pee-less napkin) Hate to tell ya Husb, always always trust my nose. A cat pissed on the napkin holder. Lovely.

I'm addicted to reality TV shows. (I lied about the addiction thing.) I long for the days when Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race and Survivor start. I actually check a Big Brother Spoiler site more than once a day and have called a friend to asked what happened while we were outta town. One of my favorite things to do is eat something really fattening while watching Biggest Loser and eat crab legs while watching Deadliest Catch.

Sometimes my baby snores and he sounds like a tiny version of his Daddy.

I love caller ID and don't know if I could live without it. Can you believe some people actually answer the phone and don't know who it is first.

I feel old sometimes when I think of the things we had as kids. (I'll let ya in on a secret, I'll be 40 in November...a young 40!) I remember Eight Track Players, cell phones that came in a big case, Atari that came with Pac Man, Frogger & Space Invaders. No caller ID! Not having to wear a seat belt and sitting in the front seat as a kid. Riding in the back of my Paw Paw's truck on the highway. Bet ya can't do that now! Parachute pants...not the kind my niece thinks I'm talking about. Sun-In, Members Only jackets, ribbon belts, Twist-a-Beads, and jelly shoes. Some of these things I've seen recently. Wow.

It's funny how my mind goes on and on and on! I guess I should go now and see what is broken in my bedroom. The kid has been unattended for entirely too long.

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