Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool it!

I've decided I'm delusional. I actually thought there was a slim possibility that I wouldn't have to participate in ice skating yesterday. Why I thought they let people on the ice in flip flops is also beyond me. After putting skates on T and the Niece I figured out really quickly that he was going NO WHERE! I got him on the ice and he froze. Excuse the pun. Poor guy looked at me thru the plexiglass like he was gonna cry. Crap, crap, crap. I marched my happy ass up to the counter, paid my $4 and got a pair of skates. Just as I was finished putting them on, I hear familiar laugher. Yes, a good friend thought it was quite funny that I was having to skate. It was really funny til I informed her there wasn't a chance in hell that her 4 year was gonna hop on the ice like Mike Modano. Hehe...she skated too. I'm really proud of both of us. We did quite well and didn't even embarrass ourselves! (Or better yet, hurt ourselves!) The kids did ok too. Of course today my arm is killing me from yanking the kid up off the ice over and over and over again. That was one of the longest hour and a half of my life. I'll admit it was kinda fun, blisters and all! Oh and I got to wear a jacket when it was 103 degrees outside. Cool.

Apparently Brad did indeed call yesterday. I must of been in the shower. By the time Husb got home and called him back, he was already in Flower Mound and couldn't come by. The Husb sprayed himself and it looks like between removing the plants and that, the ants have vacated. We don't need no stink'in Brad!

I just read on Yahoo that the Union that represents Northwest Flight Attendants, (now Delta since we merged.) are bitching because the hideous red dress only goes up to a size 18. The rest of the uniform piece go up to size 28. Are you freaking kidding me? 28? I am by NO means a small girl...but we have flight attendants that are a 28? How in the hell do they fit in the jumpseat???? You can't use a seatbelt extension either. I will admit I sat by a girl once that only had the shoulder harness on. I'm guessing she couldn't get the seatbelt part fastened. I didn't say anything. I know in an emergency that would be no good. But really, how do you approach that? Anyhow once we're totally merged we will again have to vote on the Union. I once again will vote NO. I think and Delta is claiming they are only bring this up to stir the pot before the election. I'll have to say, some people do look nice in the red dress. Most do not. I'm not a size 8 and wouldn't dream of wearing it. It also sticks out and everyone thinks your in charge. I'd rather nobody speak to me unless spoken too. I just can't imagine why a large lady would want to wear something only a size 4 looks really good in. Propaganda I say! BTW for those who don't know, I'm an original Delta drink lady and am loyal. (Even when I feel their screwing me's like family, you forgive cause when it comes down to it, it's a cool job.)

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