Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things that make you say...Hummm

I love getting hand me downs. For the 4 year old, I get stuff from my cousin and also from a friend. This friend is actually my sisters ex-boyfriend from college. (That in itself might make you go...hummmm!) So, sister has a box of stuff from friend and leaves it in our garage while we're outta town. It was swallowed in the pit of hell so I didn't notice it until I was told where it was left. Word to the wise, never go thru a box of winter clothes in the summertime while a four year old is watching. I am now the proud parent of a kid that wears cowboy boots everyday with shorts. Without sock....hummmm!

We've lived in our house for about 11 years. We are in an older neighborhood and have young families as well as older people that have lived here for 30+ years. Our block captain is an interesting lady. If I was to guess, she has been here 30+. Another neighbor was trying to identify who I was talking about and said, "Oh, you mean the lady that smokes when she walks." Yep, that's the one. Hummmm... So this lady and her husband like to sit in their front room and look outside. Everyday they throw bread crumbs...A LOT of bread crumbs in the middle of the street. I'm not sure what they are thinking. Do they do it because they like to look at the numerous birds and squirrels that gather...in the middle of the street? Do they do it because they want to slow down drivers? Do they do it so they can watch the drivers mow down innocent animals? Do they do it to piss off the neighbors? Hummmm... I gotta add that I have never hit a bird or squirrel. I have also spoken sharply to the Husb to slow the hell down so he doesn't kill an animal. My neighbor across the street has however only lived in the neighborhood a couple of years and just might not of gotten use to these street obstacles. That resulted in him hitting a dove a couple of months ago. Poor guy felt so bad he took it to the vet. Never did ask what happened to it. This whole thing makes me wonder if this couple is sitting in their front room snickering as people slam on their brakes and swear. Hummmm....

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