Monday, December 14, 2009

Post Party!

So I went to my friends Christmas party on Saturday. She and her Husb have had forever. Years I tell ya. About 10 years ago our token gay friends brought a gag gift for the gift exchange. Prince Rainbow Ken...ya know, a gay Barbie doll dude. Anywho, he comes back every year. In the beginning he'd actually have some cool stuff with him. Like a nice bottle of wine, a fondue pot. You get the idea. Well my friends neighbors have got him 3 out of the last seven years. Needless to say...they are getting a bit pissy about it. So this year, not using the brain God gave him, instead of stealing a bottle of Crown Royal, the Husb takes a chance and picks from under the tree. Can you say "STUPID"? Guess what he picks? Yep... Rainbow Ken. The pissy neighbors include a lovely bottle of Boones Farm (cheap ass wine) and a card that has a dissertation written on the damn thing. The Husb refused to read it and just said, "Just give me the damn doll, I'm not reading this Christmas letter." Apparently they added a Barbie this year cause Ken got married. Their humor is lacking. Just my (and several others) opinion. Hey, It's GAY Ken!!!

Later, I was talking about how Ken may just come back next year naked in a crockpot with a bottle of champagne. I was told by a few friends..."OH NO, you can't take him out of the box, he'll lose value". Like in 10 years or so we're gonna sell the bastard and all go on a cruise. Yeah, like maybe in 50 years he might be worth something. Of course these people have never actually gotten Ken. I offered to swap gifts if they didn't want him removed from the box. I got no takers!

I've decided to put a little twist on things this next year. Ken is most definitely coming out of the closet. I go back to flying in June. For those that haven't read my bio, I'm a flight attendant. I fly Europe when I work. This is the plan, Ken is going to be traveling with me! By the end of the year, he'll have one hell of a vacation scrapbook. He'll also pick up some choice gifts along the way. He'll be the most sought after guy at the party. So there!!!

BTW, I walked away with a Leopard Snuggie. Don't go hate''s awesome. My gift, well some would like it, most not. A Susan Boyles CD. Hehe...the chick I stole the Snuggie from got "F-ed" twice by me. So sorry!


Anonymous said...

I would be so pissed if I got a Susan Boyle cd, lol. It's cool that you got a Snuggie! I wouldn't mind that at all. It was shitty of those people to put Boone's with Gay Ken. Party poopers. I hope they get him again next year.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love the idea of travelin ken!! That will be the best one next year!