Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break?

Is Spring Break really a break? For who? The teachers? It certainly won't be a break for me. We have no plans, so it'll be Spring Pain in the Ass. I'm just say'in. So today, T and I headed to Home Depot to get a bunch of plants for a butterfly garden. He must of learned this at school. He was very pumped to get all the planting done. The boy is five...guess how much he did. Nada, nothing, niltch. Mom did it all. The one thing kids don't get is you can't just shove a bunch of flowers in the ground. Not only does it look like shit, they will die. Waste of money. He didn't care for the whole pull the weeds ideas either. I also bought three tomato plants, a pepper plant, lettuce, onions and some herbs. Damn I love spring. Also had to put two ferns in the big pots on the front porch. Our neighborhood awards Yard of the Month. I have secretly been wanting to win the award. I don't know who gives it out, or when, but wouldn't it be dandy to have that sign in your yard? I have a bunch of daffodils and other bulbs coming up that are beau-t-ful! I don't know why I could have that award. Maybe I need to start lobbying or something. Anywho, happy spring! (At least in Texas!)

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