Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last month my sister calls and tells me to turn the channel to QVC. Now here's the problem, how the hell would I know what channel QVC is on? I don't buy things from TV. I don't watch home shopping shows. I might be bored, but I'm not THAT bored. Sheesh. I finally search around til I find the right channel. Holy crap...the cutest serving dishes are on. Kinda country/funky. It comes with 3 casserole can microwave, bake in them and serve in them. ALSO, there are three matching bowls to serve dips and such in. Too cute. But that's not all! They come with lids and metal stands! Ohhhhhh! Now really, I'm not spending $42 plus shipping for a bunch of dishes that I don't need. That's where my Sisters and my "farm account" comes in. When our Grandfather died, we inherited his land and some $. We split the money but kept some in the farm account to pay for keeping the house and property up. Well guess what? Paw Paw would really want us to have those dishes. So you guessed it, we used the farm account. Thanks Paw Paw!!! Got the shipment a few weeks later. Too cute. Now I'm wondering why I've only used one dish, one time. Maybe I need to make something tonight. Geez.

Have you ever bought anything off a home shopping network? I have a cousin that's a Quacker. Wonder what the hell that is? Apparently some woman on QVC has a bunch of followers called Quackers. The woman is genius! She even has all these Quackers go on cruises. My cousin went...she said everyone on board the ship would quack at each other. WTH?

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