Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ladies Night...Oh what a night!

I'm a member of a Mom's Club in the neighborhood. My friend across the street is pretty active in it and arranged a Ladies Night at a cute little restaurant close by. So last night we head out at 6 pm for half price bottles of wine and Italian food. We are the first there. A few minutes later a chick comes in that I have met a few times before. She sits down and realizes that a year and a half ago we all were at a Mom's Happy Hour together. She also remembers that I had mentioned how I like to mess with my friends husband because he is WAY conservative and I am one of like 2% of the Democrats around here. (BTW, this is not a political post. I'm not talking or ranting about anything political. I like to think I'm moderate and can see both sides of an issue and don't care to get into it with others.) So this chick tells us she hates talking about things that make others uncomfortable and she likes for other people to like her. She then starts on about the Healthcare Bill and how she can't stand how one of her unemployed friends now think she has a free ride...yada yada yada. It's really interesting having conversations with those that are passive aggressive. No no, I don't want to offend, BUT I am assuming your views on the subject as such and such and now I'm going to tell you why your wrong. Strange. Started to make my friend a bit uncomfortable because her husband is so passionate about his beliefs. I think she thought we might have a throw down. We didn't....I could of taken her though. LOL! At the end of dinner she asked if I still liked her. Well of hard feelings....I think.

Oh, forgot to mention that she did have a bit of a throw down with another lady at the last dinner. I refused to get pulled into the drama. Ya know, I want everyone to like me...;)


Drama Queen said...

It's almost scary anymore where you can't go anywhere without getting into political debates - I don't know that I've ever seen our country so divided. It's rather sad, in a way....

I'm like you - I'm a moderate - and I refuse to get drawn into debates...what do they think they're going to do? Change your mind? Uh, no.

Ladies nights sound fun - I may have to start that here. :)

Drama Queen said...


You've been tagged...are you up to the challenge??? Want to help raise money for some children?

Check out my post here:, and look for your name!


Anonymous said...

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