Monday, April 12, 2010


I have got to get things together. I've neglected my blog, my house, the fish tank, my laundry. Dang, the laundry hasn't truly been done in almost three weeks. My sister kept the baby a few weeks ago and felt really sorry for him when she couldn't find any clothes to change him into after his diaper leaked. I hated to tell her that his clothes were all in the dryer. Every morning I'd just go dig thru them til I found something to dress him in. He did get some awesome outfits for his birthday though! hehe! I even went shopping yesterday to get a few pair of shorts for T. My excuse is he's so tall all his shorts are looking like 70's short shorts. So not attractive, even on skinny 5 year old!

The floors of my house are totally gross too. Come on Niki, get it together!!!! Sheesh! The amount of dried grass that comes in is freaking amazing. I should keep in a nice pile and eventually I could craft myself a bale of hay. No kidding.

The baby's first birthday was last Wednesday. Dang he's a cute 1 year old. However with T being 5 1/2 I'd forgotten all the things that babies do that are not always so cute. For example, climbing INTO the dishwasher while I'm trying to unload/load it. Hey, watch out for those knifes please. What about standing at the sink and having your pant legs pulled on...hard. HELLO, you so don't want to see Mommy's panties. When I do actually do laundry, the whole lets throw the folded clothes on the floor gets a bit tiresome. All that being said, dang he's cute. How can you get mad at a sweet angel face? I ask him if Mommy can have kisses and he shakes his head no, no, no! Bad boy!

I guess I better keep this brief, the dryer is beeping. Yes, no underware is not always sexy and 5 year olds really shouldn't go commando.