Friday, June 26, 2009

Insect insanity

Roaches everywhere! About a month ago, Brad from a Pest Control company came out to spray for ants and roaches. I swear to God the man brought a suitcase full of roaches and dumped them in an undisclosed location in our house. Guess what I paid for this suitcase full of roaches?????? ONE HUNDRED & FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS! Did I mention that they are the gigantic water roaches???? Can you tell I'm pissed off right now? Oh and I'm happy (NOT) to say that the ants are still enjoying their home on the kitchen window seal. If I have to say, "We really need to call Brad" one more time, I might possibly be "that" woman on the evening news.

Brad...your on my hit list.

(The name of the Pest Control company has been edited as of 7-11-09 due to advice from the Husb (Mr. Attorney) that I shouldn't post the name because of liability. Yeah, like OK, Brad is really going to be reading my blog. Maybe when I'm famous or monkeys fly outta my butt. But alas, as you see, I took the advice.)

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