Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My First Time

Do your remember your first time? Mind outta the gutter please! First time blogging that is. The Husb suggested I start one. He said I'd be good at it. I think he just wants me to do something besides bug him while he's working. I've been following my Niece's blog. She's pretty damn funny and has lots of interesting things to say. I'm ok funny and don't have much to say. Hey, she's in Europe and I'm sitting on my couch. Who has a more interesting life?

Got back from the lake on Sunday. I've decided I won't be vacationing with relatives. Ok, they were the in-laws. I don't want to vacation with mine or his. I think the older I get the more annoying everyone else is. I'll blame it on the postpartum hormones for now and as long as I can. I have admit, I did have a really good time when I wasn't listening to golf on the highest volume setting. The kiddlet loves loves loves the water! He cracks me up and wears me out. I must be getting old. Need more wine!

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