Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Day of June

Not too bad considering last week was hotter than hell at over 100 degrees everyday. Killed a big roach this morning with my Croc. No, Brad has not been back yet. Had fun at a friends pool today. T loves swimming and baby Poppy loves not napping while we're out. What's with that? Can I really complain since he sleeps almost all night? Yes, I think I'm a complainer so waaa waaaa waaaa!!!!

On a side note, I really like wine. I think I've gained back all the weight I lost by being pregnant. Yeah, I lost 20 pounds from my original weight. The wine may have effected that number, but after a few glasses I look much better and really don't give a damn. I'm feeling a bit down today, I think because I feel like I don't have a "job" and don't get a pay check. Only 11 more months to go. Don't get me wrong, love the the not having to fly and actually work thing...kinda. I think I miss the cool layovers and interesting food and condiments I always brought home. Need me some German Horseradish. Maybe if I were rich I wouldn't care because I could shop and decorate and lay by my new pool...the one with the fountain that we just got cause we're rich.

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