Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Odd Thoughts!

Too bad you can't spank a fish. We have four Silver Dollar fish. One is an asshole. He chases the other ones around. I'd like to spank his fishy butt.

I really like that nose sucker thing they sent home from home the hospital when I had Poppy. I have become really proficient at sucking snot. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when a get a huge bugger.

Did you know that the Squirrel on Spongebob is from Texas? Did you even know there was a squirrel on Spongebob? By the way, her name is Sandy.

I still can't find my Christmas stockings. OK, I haven't looked anymore, but I will.

I don't love Antique Stores. Went to one yesterday. They are smelly and have a bunch of that stuff I could of had when we cleaned out my Grandparents house. I also didn't know that some people collect owls. One stall was all owls. I didn't know I had an aversion to owls. I do.

I'm bitchy when I am woken up everyday before 7a.m. I repeat BITCHY.

I caught my pissy cat actually peeing in his box. I wonder what's wrong with him.

That's all I have for this lovely Sunday. I'm headed to my sister's to drop off the kid for a bit and then we are taking the baby to a craft show.


Chief said...

Have a great time!

Sandy is one of my favorites BTW.

I get up at 6 every morning. That's why I hate most everyone and everything I come in contact with every day

kys said...

I never could get the hang of using the snot sucker. I think someone needs to use it on me today.

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

kys, Nose Sucking 101...hold one nostril, squeeze sucker, insert sucker, slowly release. Wal-la!

Cheif, I also get up at 3am...and sometimes 12:45am. This makes me super duper bitchy. I think it's just plain wrong to get up at 6 everyday. Are you doing that the rest of your life?

Noelle said...

oooh, sorry bout them early mornings. mornings suck. mornings are for mean people.

Anonymous said...

I am decent with the snot sucker, but I have to say, they should make the nozzle part smaller. I feel like it's going to rip a nostril upon insertion sometimes. But hey, if they can fit a finger in there I guess the snot sucker has room, too.

And yes, there must have been an owl fad sometime in the 1960s-1970s. There is TONS of owl stuff out there.... why I don't know. It's all ugly.