Friday, October 23, 2009

11 years!

Eleven years ago tomorrow I married the Husb. We got married in the evening so we could have a rock'in reception. With financing from my Mother, I'd like to think we did a pretty good job! We had an awesome Blues Band that brought down the house! The funny thing is, recently I have seen some news stories about the lead singer. The dude was old then or so I thought. I just assumed he wasn't around anymore. Ok, I assumed he was dead. I guess he isn't that old. The news stories talked about how a bunch of kids kept showing up to his gigs. The thing is...his name is Joe Jonas. Yeah, not that Joe Jonas. In my opinion, he is much better than that one. I thought that was kinda funny. Kids are so freaking stupid. Yeah, Joe Jonas and his brothers are playing at the small Blues bar Memphis in a strip mall. Righttttt!

Today a van pulls up in front of the house and the Husb acts like he doesn't know who it is. A florist brought an beautiful floral arrangement to the door. What a sweet Husb. He is so getting some tonight. This week he's been calling it our anniversary week. He got that from a friend of ours. Each year she has her "birthday week". The Husb said he didn't know why I couldn't have an "Anniversary Week". I so agree! Hehe! He's really making some of my friends husbands look bad. Tomorrow we're going out to the Fondue place where we had our first date. It should be fun and I promise not to "almost" get kicked out like I did that time. Did ya know it's never a good idea to throw ice in boiling oil? Happy Anniversary Husb! I think I'll keep you!


Chief said...

Happy anniversary!

kys said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more happy years together!

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

Thanks! I kissed a lot of frogs and was lucky to find my Prince! (Prince most of the has been 11 years!)