Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here Bassy Bassy Bass!

This weekend the Fam and I went to the lake. Our Niece that just moved to Austin met us out there. Just so you don't think we're some well to do snotty lake house owning family..let me explain. As some of you know, about 5 years ago a friend came to our group of friends because he couldn't afford to keep his lake house. After much discussion, a fee arrangement and a legal agreement, we came up with The Cedar Creek Raft and Tube Society. Or in short The RATS. Cute huh? Anyhow, basically each of the RATS has a full private week at the lake every 7 weeks. The owner has twice as many, and we have open play for holiday weeks...meaning everyone can come out and frolic. (That word makes me laugh!)

Saturday morning while lounging in bed, I could of sworn I heard the National Anthem. I get up and sure enough that what it is. Apparently this weekend was a National Champion Bass Tournament. WOW...LOT O' BOATs out there. Later, I tell the Husb and he's like, "Cool" and I'm like, "No really, there were a shit load of boats out there!" Sunday morning, I'm feeding the baby on the couch about 6am and in the distance can see lights on the public boat ramp. Lots and lots of boat trailers going up the hill. I go back to bed and wake up about 7am. I glanced out the window and damn...looked like the lights in down town Dallas. The Husb and I get up...and there are over 300 bass boats in our little part of the lake. How do I know there were more than 300 you ask? No, I did not count them. The announcer dude starts sending them out one by one. By the time the Husb starts listen to the numbers the guy is on 274 counting down. (I was inside getting coffee when they started. I know what's important, coffee makes me nice.) So off they went to find the biggest baddest bass around. Awesome site seeing all those fisherman standing in their boats at 7:15am, hands over their hearts in honor of the USA. Ain't America great?

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