Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Be Fair!

Today we went to the Texas State Fair. There is nothing like it! Ok, there probably is but I'm trying to make it seem big and grand. Kinda like Texas it's self. Yes, I'm from Texas. It's not just a's a state of mind! Hehe! At the Fair, fried food is where it's at. We had a corny dog, but passed on the fried peanut butter sandwich, fried oreos, fried snickers, fried Twinkies and fried pizza. Yes, I said, fried pizza. Just plain sick. We did partake in the new Fried Butter. Sounds sick too. Not too bad really! Kinda tasted like a donut with oozy warm butter inside. Weird! I wonder if all State Fairs are into this fried shit.

Mr. T was totally digging all the rip off games. We spend $20 and he won a blow up Spongebob, a tiny dalmatian dog, a medium dolphin and a medium teddy bear. He loved it. He also rode some of the rides. The bumper cars were pretty funny. It was just him and another kid. They would spin around and around a circles. The worker would turn them around to face each other and they'd haul ass. At the last second before impact one would spin away, NEVER bumping into each other. The other kids Mom and I had a good laugh. T begged to go on this really tall slide. The kind where you get in a bag and slide down. The Husb went with him in case he got cold feet. Husb said it was a hell of climb. He kept looking back and shaking his head at me. I'm not stupid...I went thru the easy Fun House. They finally get to the top and T jumps in his bag, screams "Bye Dad" and is off like a shot. No fear. I'm really afraid of the teenage years!

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