Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Official!

It's official...I've lost my damn mind! A little background, today I went to lunch at a friends...we call our selves "Ladies who Lunch..and Gentleman". I'm a flight attendant on leave, but when I'm working...I don't fly that much and have lots of days off. A few years ago my good friend K and I started having lunch during the week when she was off of work. She did job share and had the first half of the week off. Last year K was laid off so we really started lunching more. Another friend moved to town and decided to stay home with her kids, so she joined us. We've also added another occasional drop in that was laid off and a guy friend that was laid off several months ago. Hey, we're equal opportunity lunchers. We do all this when the kids are in school, because lets face it, kids are not conducive to good conversation. It's always, "Oh have you tried that new little Bistro on Main St.? STOP RUBBING THAT ROLL ON THE WALL!"

Now to the "I've officially lost my mind" part. Today on the way up to K's I get to calculating the exact minute I have to leave to pick up T from preschool. I decide if I leave 25 minutes til 3 I'll have plenty of time not to be charged a late pick up fee. A buck a's a racket I tell you! Now this all sounds good in theory, but guess what? T gets out of school at 2:00 not 3:00. He has NEVER gotten out at 3:00. WTH is wrong with me? I don't figure it out til 1:46 when I look down at my phone. Holy Shit it's almost 2PM!!!! I grab the baby, run for the door like I'm possessed all the while screaming thanks and sorry I've lost my damn mind. It's official.


Chief said...

Stuff like this freaks me out when it happens to me. I think I have got it all together and then something this simple goes to hell and my little bubble pops

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

yeah...the bubble has popped a few times!


i HATE this - my stomach got all warbely just reading it! i am always paranoid that i've gotten the carpool screwed up or the times wrong and that my poor guy will be standing in the school yard solo! thanks for following me over at the crib and being a new follower!