Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm sick....

I'm a sick sick Mommy! Why do I find it bend over, grab your sides, laugh out loud funny that Mr. T is scared to death of those human size Mummy's and Monster's they sale at Garden Ridge and Michael's? I'm snickering just thinking about it. He is freaking hilarious! I'm so sick. Today we were at Garden Ridge going down the Halloween aisle. T loves skulls and most skeletons. I say most skeletons because he doesn't like the ones that have blood and ragged clothes. Freaks him out enough for him to say, "OK, OK, OK...let's go over there...let's not look at those...come on, come on!" That's cute, but dang, when you round a corner and he sees one of those Mummy''s enough to make ya pee on yourself. Poor guy.

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